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Flax Oils, Barlean's vs. Spectrum

Posted By: Joachim
Date: Thursday, 12 April 2001, at 4:16 p.m.

You raised some concern about Barlean's. A health food store owner does not like this brand because it is not shipped refrigerated. Somebody raised concerns that it sits's in trucks while shipped in summer. Now, I don't want to endorse any company's products but you should know by now that I make sure what I eat is not based on hype and profits.
1. Barlean's is endorsed by:
A. Dr. Johanna Budwig, the leading European expert on fats and oils, copy and paste, then read
You will also find her name in the link provided further down.
B. Dr. Artemis Simopoulis, head of Center of Nutrition & Health, Washington DC and author of the most comprehensive book on oils " Omega Diet".
C. Ann Louise Gittleman, leading author of many health food related bestseller books.
D. Dr. Erdmann (leading expert of alternative medicine and author of "When the doctor say's it's cancer" and other books)
E. Dr. Ruden
Shall I go on? No other oil company can claim this. Of course, who are they compared to your wise health food storeowner?
2. Tell your health food store owner that the oil is always fresh pressed the night before the order and 3 day air-shipped. No truck shipments, the freight compartment in planes is quite cold. Check the label on Barlean's bottles for freshness, then try and find such a label or date on Spectrum brands. No other oil company ships this fresh, others don't even bother to put expiration dates or labels on their oil. Last but not least, Barlean's like Omega uses dark containers that exclude light and air. I think this is essential because flax oil breaks down primarily due to oxidation and light, not slightly elevated temperatures for a short period of time, this from a chemist (me). Nevertheless, they tell you to refrigerate, especially AFTER you open the bottle and once you allow air to enter. Barlean's still insists that storeowners keep their oil refrigerated and they are the only company willing to take back oils that sits in the store refrigerator for only a few month, while others don't care. All of Spectrum's oil I look at Fresh Fields are sold in transparent glass bottles and not refrigerated. I am sure your health food storeowner can make much more profit and does not have to bother as much selling Spectrum (like Fresh Fields).
3. Most important ask both companies which organic certification process they use.
So, if you like to believe your health food storeowner, question his or her motif's, most likely profit oriented. And please note, before I eat anything and share it here I do my homework. If you want to find out more about the company's history, click on the link provided further down. Barlean's is an excellent company, a true provider of cold-pressed organic oils and offers excellent oil combinations like Flax/Borage or Flax/Evening Primrose extremely fresh. As I said, I also like Omega and Flora. Read "The Facts about fats" by John Finnegan, who has audited these companies and described their pressing methods and efforts to organically certify their oils with "REPUTABLE" organizations.
As always, yours truly

Barlean's company history

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  • Flax Oils, Barlean's vs. Spectrum
    Joachim -- Thursday, 12 April 2001, at 4:16 p.m.

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