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seltzer water

Posted By: Eileen
Date: Sunday, 27 May 2001, at 9:18 a.m.

In Response To: Seltzer Water (Julie O- Secretor MM ISFJ)


About a week ago, this response was sent to me regarding seltzer water and mneral water. Hope it helps.

MESSAGE: (#104335) mineral water and seltzer


DATE: Friday, 18 May 2001, at 11:17 p.m.

Reply To: (#104311) seltzer water

Author: Eileen

Date: Friday, 18 May 2001, at 8:53 p.m.

Mineral water is water which has a high level of dissolved
minerals(electrolytes). These minerals are acquired naturally by the route the
water takes to reach the aquifer where it is found. Mineral water is
considered healthier for you than R/O filter or deionized water because it
provides the body with various electrolytes and the fluid necessary for proper
body functions.

Mineral Water, spring water that contains mineral salts or gases, and which
consequently may have an action on the human body different from that of
ordinary water. As a remedial agent, mineral waters have been used from early
times, and were familiar to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They are usually
classified as alkaline, saline, chalybeate or iron-containing, sulfurous,
acidulous, and arsenical. Many effervescing carbonic-acid waters are used as
table beverages and to dilute spirits or wines. Saline waters are taken for
their medicinal effects.

Mineral springs are numerous in the U.S. Among the eastern states, New York is
the leading producer, and the springs at Saratoga, New York, have an
international reputation and compare favorably to foreign spas. In the
Appalachian Mountains are the celebrated hot springs of Berkeley Springs,
Virginia, and White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Of the south-central
states, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas are the chief producers; the hot
springs of Arkansas are among the most important in the country. Other
well-known hot springs include those of Waukesha, Wisconsin, Las Vegas, N.
Mex., San Bernardino, California, and Medical Lake, Washington. One of the
widely known springs in the U.S., French Lick Springs, Indiana, produces the
Pluto waters, which rival the famous Hunyadi Janos waters of Hungary as a

The most noted of the European mineral waters include Vichy and Appollinaris,
both alkaline; Apenta, Hunyadi Janos, and Friedrichshall, saline waters rich
in sulfate; Karlsbad and Marienbad, rich in sodium chloride; Tunbridge Wells,
chalybeate; Aix-la-Chapelle, Baden, and Aix-les-Bains, sulfurated; and Bath
and Baden, arsenical.

Seltzer water is carbonated. Carbonation is a process whereby carbon dioxide,
also known as CO2, is added to the water.

CO2 is a natural product of normal metabolism. As cells "burn" the fuels that
keep them alive, they produce CO2. This CO2 moves from inside the cells into
the blood stream. When the blood reaches the lungs, the CO2 goes into the air
in the lungs and is breathed out.

The CO2 from the seltzer water you consume can be expelled by your body
through a few different mechanisms. Some CO2 travels in the blood as dissolved
gas, in the same way as the CO2 produced by your body's cells. It is carried
to the lungs and you breathe it out. CO2 can also pass through the digestive
tract. In the large intestine it joins with nitrogen, hydrogen, methane,
hydrogen sulfide, indole and skatole to form flatus, otherwise known as gas.
And CO2 escapes from your body through belching. This occurs when your
esophageal sphincter (which closes the entryway to your stomach when you are
not swallowing) opens and lets a burst of CO2 gas out from your stomach. This
burst of gas travels up your esophagus and exits your body though your mouth
in a belch.


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