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i wasa skeptic once too...

Posted By: dillon, be Positive
Date: Sunday, 27 May 2001, at 4:05 a.m.

In Response To: How did type A's really live? (Dean)

I have to guess that the genetic mutation which created different blood types must have occurred in beings who were already as human as we are(I havn't yet studied human evolution). I can't picture how 4 separate blood types of our hominoid ancestor would have all proceeded to become the same human species, that is unless they were just interbreeding and not segregated into separate environments by their respective blood types, which, now that I think about it, they probably weren't. Most likely, all the blood types coexisted until they were segregated first by the agricultural revolution, and then by the Himilayan migrations.

But anyway, let's pretend that part millions of years ago is all warm and fuzzy and move on to the agricultural revolution: the living conditions in this agricultural revolution provided for the first time in history the impetus for type as to outproduce type os(before this change, type-as would have had to have been hunters just like type-os, as would have type bs, but its unclear to me as to why type os made up the vast majority of the human population; and come to think of it, the neandarthals would seem to have had the four blood types also, with type o being their major player at the time as well). The impetus apparently were certain city diseases which the type-A antigen gave one resistance to. Since type-as became the entire populace of the settled towns, they were the only ones who underwent a certain minor evolution of their digestive characteristics, in which only those who could thrive on grains and vegetables survived(survived what? i don't know for sure, but probably now-eradicated plagues or virus and bacteria-caused diseases for which one needs a strong immune system to survive, such as cholera)

This telling is something akin to what Peter said in ER, which apparently you as well as me until yesterday either skipped over or brisked through in that "Get to the point" mentality. The point of course are those wonderfully simple food lists: they are simple though, in the way E=MCsquared is simple, as both einstein's formula and peter's lists are practical summations of extraordinarily convoluted work, which gives to both many far-reaching implications beyond their elementary appearance, and in the future I await some effects of the theory in proportion to its scope, although hopefully no atom bomb is made with the help of peter's theory(how do you show humor is meant here, i mean if it's not funny and all?).

By the way, rice is actually more beneficial to Bs than to As, and the particular grains of benefit to As are the northern european grains like rye and buckwheat, and also amaranth which comes from I don't know where. And although farming is laborous and requires strength, its not an intense competition, but is relatively calm, and offers relaxation during which one may regain their reserves. There are also many more beneficial beans for As than just soy; nuts and seeds are important in their(and your)diet;also, the right fish are an excellent contribution to the a-diet. For non-secretors, even some meats are recomended. And its important to look at the light in which you judge the health of certain cultures... is it just from the perspective that they are healthyER than americans?

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