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Posted By: Betsy A. (0 neg & sec) & Lewis o+
Date: Monday, 12 March 2001, at 11:26 a.m.

Well folks Betsy is no longer single nor am I. This is our first joint post.

The short and dirty version is, (and we will tell you the long version right after) we have fallen in love, and Lewis is moving from New Jersey to California to live with me. Have you fallen off your chair yet? Strap in, because it gets better. It's been a wild ride, a cyclone, a bullet train in Japan, on the fast track. Anyway, on to the story and it is not for the faint of heart.

I was 2 weeks on ER and posting my experience about the tremendous changes to my well being. This amounted to a loss of depression and lethargy that had followed me all my life, when I noticed this expressive, earnest and slightly more experienced female poster on the MB (or at least I hoped she was female!). On one post about bone meal, she had said I could email her but I delayed for a few days. Well here comes Joseph o+, new to the ER, and he gets all his questions answered from the 80%+ woman on the MB. I make an INNOCENT comment to him
about the lack of male posters, but I really did notice the lack because the most interesting ones were the women; I am a ladies man and I was single. Then Betsy posts back with this forceful RANT, that I had stepped on women's toes, or something. (See the archives, November 8th.) This rant was not deserved; she assumed I was negative (let ERMB posters be the judge Betsy dear).

Ahem Lewis! Well folks, in my humble opinion, it WAS A VERY SEXIST, AND NEGATIVE STATEMENT!! And he deserved being ranted at. He just didn't realize how LUCKY he was, to be surrounded by so many talented, intelligent and caring women. Now, many of you already know, that I had known about ER for several years. However, I had just recently purchased my first computer, and was first on the message board at the end of October, this past year. The ERMB was a wonderful means for me to share with other people who had similar
goals, and believed like I did, in Dr. Peter's work.

I would say she abused her new found freedom here.... and I don't always need to have the last word BTW.


ANYWAY, what could I say, nothing but a flirt would do because I had already NOTICED BETSY A ROSS, as a wonderful, witty, caring, and earnest woman. The only thing I could think to do, was send her a "wink and kiss". This flirt, was sent to who I THOUGHT was the most wonderful woman on the ERMB and it did the job intended....

Yes, it did. I wondered, what WAS this about? Why was this man blowing me a kiss and winking at me? What was this? And, I became intrigued, and eventually interested because soon there after, Lewis started to email me directly. At first, he was just asking me things about the diet. But soon after, we started to share more about our lives with each other. In early December, Lewis not longer had access to a computer, and his emails became sporadic because he had to use a PC from a library. Lewis would call this his "dry period."

I had not met a woman that intrigued me like Betsy did, by any means, yet this email relationship was so important, that on January 17th, I had to buy an internet cell phone, to keep communicating with her, and express my growing interest. And with that cell phone, things really got started.

Lewis! A little more detail here. You got to understand folks, that this cell phone that he first got, was limited to 150 characters! And the first email he sent me, I could not understand, AND, I didn't even know who it was from. I almost trashed the email, thinking it was SPAM or worse, a letter bomb. But, fortune smiled upon me, and I ventured to open the email. Well, even after reading it, I STILL didn't know who it was from, because it was sort of written in code, (that 150 character limit mind you), AND he didn't sign his name! So, I posted back, "Who is
this? I don't know who this is?" Well, he did email back with a more understandable post AND his name. When I realized who it was, and the limitations of the phone, I started laughing, ROF, because, when I would respond to his emails before, I was usually pretty WORDY... You all know how I can get! So, I posted him back, requesting his address, telling him 150 characters was NOT ENOUGH, that we would write.

Well, we eventually were emailing each other up to ten to twenty times a day, and sending letters. Get this folks, on her second letter, she me some of her own poetry, and a phone number. We really got to know each other very well after I got a pocket net phone, to replace the original email phone. Now here it get really heavy folks. She and I had BOTH prayed to God to bring a partner into our lives without the usual packaging prerequisite checklists, and leave all those things up to a trusting God. Mine in particular kept me from asking to share
pictures at all!!! Betsy surprised me on Valentine's Day with a phone call, (our first) in response to the dozen long stemmed red roses I sent her the day before.

That day, we spoke for over NINETEEN HOURS STRAIGHT. Soon after, Lewis obtained about 6,000 minutes of interstate cell phone use, and we chewed through that in under two weeks. Lewis says he fell in love quite some time ago, and I was convinced he was the man for me, a little before Valentine's Day. (Yes, I guess I'm a little slow here!) Lewis flew from New Jersey to California on March 4th, and we actually saw each other for the first time, at the airport. Well, to make this story shorter, (not that we haven't already) Lewis is in the process of moving to California from New Jersey, to join his life with mine, sit with me beside the computer, post to the ER MB, and cook for everyone at the ER BBQ in July. Consider us, very grateful for ER and all that it has done for our health, life and love.

Bye everyone!

And much apologies to ^heidi^. We hope you think twice about deleting this long, seemingly off topic post, but we think it really IS on topic, and hope it will inspire others to not limit the beneficial out comes of LIVING RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE.

Sharing with, the best of intentions!
Betsy & Lewis

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