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Cure Colitis, Blueberries, maybe stomach ulcer

Posted By: Joachim (AB-)
Date: Thursday, 1 March 2001, at 6:03 p.m.

I noticed that the topic Colitis is mentioned here quite often. Ulcerous Colitis nearly killed me (52y) 25 years ago and I think I can give you some valuable advice. But first of all I should like to thank Dr. D. as he mentioned Blueberries as one of the few remedies for diarrhea in his book and pointed out many foods that might cause Colitis for different blood groups. Why Blueberries, read on:
After developing a severe case of Colitis I was reduced to skin and bones, various doctors messed around with different remedies and I ended up on Cortisone, fortunately in the University clinic of Lübeck/Germany and a Professor Feiereis, who had the highest global cure rate for people suffering from Colitis back then. Anybody who suffered from Colitis will know when I mention what a terribly disabling disease this is. You have to follow a strict diet and even the things that you are allowed to eat pass right through your system, so you loose and loose weight which completely zaps your energy. Needles to say, doctors who try and cure your condition don't look at Dr. D's ER4YT, and very often make things worst. So while my clinic had a special Colitis diet, it did not have any effect and my parents were told that I would probably die. One of the food groups you have to stay away from is fruit. But one day after being in hospital for 3 weeks they served wild blueberry/rice compote. I rang the nurse and told her that I was not allowed to eat fruits=blueberries but she replied: Blueberries are ok, actually the only fruit you can eat even with bleeding ulcers or colitis. My whole digestive system was messed up with all the drugs and I could not hold much down but I ate the blueberries with great appetite. Next day I requested wild Blueberries/white rice again, started to chew the dried berries offered at German health food stores and drank blueberry tea. To cut a long story short, I gained weight so fast and recovered in record time, even the Professors argued amongst themselves if I ever had Colitis. And the Cortisone pills which I was told to take for at least 3 more months went straight into the bin (I know what Cortisone did to my mother, she suffered from Asthma). My severe Colitis has made my digestive tract very sensitive and even after 27 years I get instant reactions when I eat the wrong foods. That is one of the reasons why I admire Dr. D. for his work and know that his blood type diet is the most major achievement in nutritional science ever. So for 27 years I have learned by doing, learn by carefully watching what I can eat including after renewed Colitis attacks which were all minor due to my experience. As usual the medical profession DID NOT offer me much help. I have found that doctors (and teachers) know everything better and rarely listen to their patients or other people. So what should you do if you suffer from Colitis (maybe Ulcers as well) or you suffer from prolonged diarrhea?
My condition was caused by eating a lot of fibers from processed food (like Bran Flakes) and trying to eat garlic which I thought was beneficial. It was the time when everybody talked about a fiber rich diet/garlic and how fibers were good to reduce weight (so be careful with all the high fiber diet foods and drinks). As I was slightly overweight, frequent diarrhea was of no concern, after all, I lost weight, but after a couple of weeks I could not reverse the process. So take diarrhea serious, especially if your children suffer from it. How do you cure Colitis or for that matter constant diarrhea (and maybe ulcers)? Boil white rice in plenty of saltwater until the rice is very soft. As you probably won't be able to buy WILD Blueberries, soak dried wild blueberries in a little warm water (initially boil because you want to rule out any germs) and add the water + Blueberries to the drained rice. Eat this by carefully chewing and drink wild Blueberry tea (2 - 3 tablespoons, boiled in a cup of water, let rest for 10 Min.), also eat a few tablespoons of dried wild blueberries in-between meals, and again chew carefully. Forget the large cultured Blueberries; they are not half as effective as wild ones from colder northern climates like Maine. Alter that with soft white rice and soft-boiled Carrots or Fennel. Remember you are not interested in vitamins etc., just holding food down to absorb nutrients. Minerals should be your first concern, so boil rice and soak blueberries in a high mineral content still mineral water (unfortunately, most mineral waters have low minerals due to the low sodium craze here in the US. French Contrexville, German still Appolinaris or Fachinger would be ideal). Otherwise, introduce mineral substitutes slowly but make sure to follow Dr. D. on this one as well. After 10 days you should be able to hold food, add more boiled or steamed vegetables but absolutely avoid garlic, onions, leeks, smoked food, fatty food and the cabbage family, including Broccoli. Gradually, replace rice with other carbs, low in fiber and start eating small amounts of low fiber fruits. Buy a juicer and make small amounts of beneficial vegetable juice (1 cup per day carrots, Swiss chard, maybe some beet and celery, teaspoons of that taken between meal). After 2 - 3 month you should have fully recovered, but still be careful. Eventually you should be able to eat more fruits, vegetables and carbs, but garlic, lot's of onions/leeks, smoked foods and a diet based on lot's of cabbage family vegetables will probably never be tolerated again. For heavens sake, stay away from high fiber diets and diet drinks, they kill. And never ever forget your friend, the wild Blueberry. I grow them in my garden, lots of wild bushes, which I pulled out in the Maine Mountains and brought them back to CT as you can't buy truly wild Blueberry bushes anywhere. Unfortunately, most people are ashamed to mention that they suffer from Colitis. If you have a friend or family member who suffers from Colitis, give him a copy of this. And as I mentioned, people suffering from ulcers should also try Blueberries. Good luck and I am sure you will benefit. Many people whom I talked to recovered from Colitis by listening to my own personal experience.

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