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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 15

caffeine and pain

Posted By: Heidi O+
Date: Friday, 9 February 2001, at 8:33 p.m.

Hello again.

More tales from the caffeine/no caffeine files ala Heidi.

First of all, thanks to those who repsonded to my earlier post- your words are
excellent. My mind has been in such a tizzy, I might have been able to see these things myself if I were an outsider to the experience, but since I am right IN the experience, I couldn't see it, all I could feel is the agony, oh the agony!!

Now THIS is interesting to me. I get a kick out of being my own little
I have been dealing with a pain problem in my heel- it feels as though a nail is pierced in it- and I also had dealt with wrist pain and ocassional knee pain.
(an interesting note- these are all on the right side of my body- and years ago
ALL of my aches were always on the LEFT side of my body- interesting, eh?!)

I noticed, but didn't fully make the connection, of sorts, that my heel hasn't been bothering me over the past few days. I am a runner, so it's an "issue" with me. Well, okay, so the pain has been completely, COMPLETELY gone. The only change that has been made in this time period is a lack of caffeine.
I forgot the pain was not there...until I drank this diet Pepsi... I noticed the pain returning in my heel AND in my wrist, and in my knee as well! The last 2 pains I actually haven't had in a few months, the heel was nearly constant- I sometimes could barely walk in the morning. I actually FORGOT I had this pain over the past number of days!! This is so neat!

An additional reason I want to post this information is not just to jump around
with astonishment for my own experience, but because it relates to a post/thread
months ago about O's anf running, Yoga, etc.
Well, I had said that running every day made me too tight and sore, and that Power Yoga was beneficial for this O. Well, all in the same package, sort of,
I've been weight training and running and not doing yoga simply because I got bored with it and enjoy the others more. And, hey! I proved myself wrong- so far in this experiment, anyway- I do not go for the yoga nor require it for avoidance of muscle aches and such-- I've been good with running and weights and
'standard' streching. Ha!

Who knew- caffeine!
Now if I can make it through the anxiety portion of it, it will be REALLY great. (The muscle aches I went thru w/ caffeine detox kept me awake at night- ugh!!!)



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