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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 15

batter up ~ it's me, not Peter, but here's the swing...

Posted By: ^heidi^ O - secretor or nonsecretor?
Date: Thursday, 1 February 2001, at 7:39 p.m.

In Response To: Heidi? Dr. D? A boatload of non-s questions.. (kinobizen (a+,non-s))

By the way, I concur with your attitude. The sensible concern is not whether one's a secretor or a non-secretor, but rather NOT KNOWING WHAT THE HECK YE ARE. Nothing worse than being afraid of the truth... and being stuck either wondering and wondering, or in fearful denial. ;-} Just my POV. You seem to have a good bead on things.

Here's you in blue & me in green. that I KNOW I'm a non-secretor...many more questions...

Some of these may have already been mentioned for clarification but...

Type O and B have recommended amounts of beneficial vegetables they are to eat each day. A's and AB's are out to guess for themselves (unlimited and no suggested amounts even for beneficials).

That's to emphasize that if you stay this side of being stuffed, you CAN'T have too many vegetable portions per day. A's & AB's are the veg champions, and rather than place a limit, Peter placed an "unlimited." It's an emphasis accomplished more through style than exact wording, and I know folks will pick at it for that reason, but we're better off seeing this book as a complex guideline which assumes individual interpretation rather than as a mathematical map.

Type AB lists artichoke as avoid for both secretor and non on page 312, but page 311 text says they are beneficial.

That's an inconsistency which is on the errata list.

At the bottom of page 192, it mentioned Type A Red Flags (lectin). Banana has (secretor only) next to it...but eggplant and tomatoes and sweet potatoes are also (secretor only). On the right side, it says Non-secretor red flags are wheat and corn, or that's how I'm interpreting it. Since banana is the only one with the (secretor only) on the left side, it was confusing to read at first.

I'll pass that one on for future editions.

How can a Tier 2 avoid for a Type A secretor be just as "Tier 2" as a Tier 2 neutral for Type A non-secretor? Do the Tier's need to be customized based on secretor status? Related tier questions: is cottage cheese and whey really the best source of dairy for Type A non-secretors (better than cultured dairy, for instance)? are Tier 2 neutral partridge, pheasant and quail better choices than General Nutrition beneficial turkey for non-secretors?

Tier II values are provided for non-secretors and other rare subtypes, and for those who need health improvement pronto, so secretors who fall within none of the above-stated situations "are released" from the requirements of Tier II "treatment." Does this relate to your question, which I was a bit blurry on?

If I were a non-secretor (and who knows, I might be!), I would use the Tier System strictly as written, and include any Beneficials from the Neutral Tier as Tier II Beneficials (unless further instructed in advice under the portions/frequency tables). I would then put Tiers I & II together, and basically that's my diet, as Bennies, Neuts & Avoids. I'd treat the Neutral Tier as "just this side of avoid," and use it sparingly (in volume) and rarely (in frequency). Of course, if the particular food group is made up of avoids, but I have a bunch of neutrals somewhere and a portion/frequency of 3 or5 per week, then I work flexibly accordingly. Remember page 113, the first paragraph? Try not to micromanage every item of food you choose ~ instead, try to get the feel and flow of how the foods work for you, and use the lists as healthy guidelines, applying common sense. You've been doing the A diet for some time, and you've gained plenty of insight. Listening to and trusting the messages you get from yourself now can be the best lesson learned out of the whole shebang.

About the indication of cottage cheese over yogurt, etc., I have many LR questions in the same vein. In my experience over the years here, I have found I fare better to (A) follow the guidelines over months, then (2) add/test foods as I feel I need them, and (3) let my own body be the judge of my progress with them, than to await answers from Peter which may be very long in coming. Jesus, I mean he gave so much with ER, I didn't mind mucking about on my own -- and asking questions in expectation of nothing and hope of everything, in peace.

Now that we have the secretor/non-secretor lists, the personal experimentation range has been refined and should be more productive. I am especially thrilled with all the text at the beginning of the book which allows me to get a real handle on the SPIRIT of the lists and their function, to understand the attitude behind the writing, so to have a much better sense on which to proceed.

How much soy is important for Type A non-secretors? Soy is listed as Tier 1 neutral for non-secretors, except soy milk..Tier 2 neutral. Unfortunately, most soy milks without other avoids have rice syrup..back to the oriental grocery to get soy milk with just soy beans and water as ingredients. Also, 4 Your Type bars also contain rice syrup. I'll be emailing New Chapter begging for Live Right bars suitable to our new requirements.

Yeah, I just checked the VitaSoy Creamy Natural that was the best choice of the pack for my type A... just organic soy, water, barley... and there it is, "dried cane syrup," otherwise known as the A/n-s avoid, Sucanat. Shoot! I may be in the same boat as you, kz... if his result comes in n-s, gonna have to make our own with barley malt or blackstrap molasses (which he adores, luckily). I honestly think we're all going to end up spending more time shopping and cooking than our grandmothers ever did! ;-D

Now that Type A non-secretors are recommended to have 2-4 portions of meat/poultry a week, should Type A non-secretors still try to eliminate meat and poultry from their diet? If so, what should they fill it in with? Increase fish and eggs? Or what would the preference be for non-secretors? Soy?

Check out your fish pages. Look at all the secretor avoids that turn to neutral, and all the neutrals that turn beneficial for you. That says to me that stocking up on fish is a great idea. Pick up some whenever you hit that asian grocery! (the only thing I miss about not living in Chinatown anymore -- GOD, the fishmongers have magnificent stuff! I WANT MY PARROTFISH!! ;-/)

But look at 196, too. You've got, at a rough count, ten items more out of 19 than secretors can choose from in the meat/poultry division on that page.

For the dairy/eggs dilemma: All of Tier One is Avoid for A's. Non-S's see almost twice the number of eggs per week; slightly less milk/yogurt; and scanty cheese. So here's how I'd work it: I'd have an egg most days, or two twice a week, then have a couple of yogurts a week (since it is neutral and you love it), and dump the cheese section. Hey Presto!: ^heidi^'s little balancing act. Does this make sense? Alternate to the yogurt, you could have some salmon roe, but that one never really fit the category for me. :-D

Dr. D'Adamo mentions Gentian lutea for many of the blood types. The only form I could find this in is a grain alcohol based tincture. He states that ginseng and other chinese herbs are ineffective when in this form. Does that hold true for gentian also?

That's a good question for Ask PDA. Here's my reasoning: He uses it all the time. If it had to be a water extract, it would be a terribly rare thing to find -- then wouldn't we see it at NAP? Here's my reasoning part deux: my A is deeply suspected of nonsecretorism, and we use HerbPharm's alcohol extract of gentian with perfect results. This is a case of, as the French say, if it works -- do it. You'll know right away.

Page 227, metabolism boosters - should all seven supplements be taken at the same time, until balance is reached? I am a life-long sugar addict (in recovery) with diabetic grandmother and uncle on my father's side. My father is Type A also.

Just my POV again, but if I were you I'd do it. None of the elements have contraindications to any other. If it really worries you, I vote for saturation bombing. I think Peter would say give the diet a chance, and get the CoQ10, lipoic acid, L-carnitine and a supp with a tiny amount of zinc -- only you can really find out what will give you the best results, by going slowly enough to determine what's doing what.

One really cool thing is that whenever there were discouraged A's, I'd warn them about wheat and corn and soy/rice milk, etc. Turns out these were all avoids for non-secretors! Rice milk has two avoids....safflower oil (only avoid for A non-secretors) and rice syrup.


I picked up some non-secretor beneficials such as brewer's yeast flakes, CoQ10, etc..but I also treated myself to banana and tangerine (way too sweet) :-) And I was able to pick up the New Chapter Zinc...but still not sure if I do okay on long peppers or not.

slow and steady wins the race! Sheesh, you sound like this old type O, plunging into things! ~~;-)

An interesting note, I've always found that having my period tends to clear up any vaginal yeast problems - perhaps it helps the good bacteria the same way that secretors get help all the time.

When I had yeast infections in college, I noticed the same thing. My mother always said it's nature's second chance, every month -- that much was got rid of and rejuvenated (and that I shouldn't long for menopause (as I still do), or I might get my wish!!). ~~~;-D


my pleasure, and I hope you pluck something useful from my admittedly very subjective approach!


Live Right Errata Page....

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