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Yes, I think nutri. yeast helps calm O chemistry, too

Posted By: Edna O+
Date: Friday, 29 December 2000, at 10:16 a.m.

In Response To: nutritional yeast (Angelica (O))

Hey, girl!

You are SO right about the blood sugar thing!!! Last night I was exhausted, still hungry after dinner (which never happens on straight ER/LR, only when I am combining with Atkins). I was also fed up with the fact that beig in ketosis (last night tested as being in "large" amount--the darkest purple you can be) is not taking the weight off fast enough for my taste. If I'm going to this extreme, I want more movement on the scale, baby! Anyway, I was so tempted to eat some kind of GRAIN, but instead I had some tomato soup with a big scoop of nutritional yeast. Granted, the tomato soup is higher in carbs that what I should have been eating, but given the evil alteratives on my mind (TOAST, RICE PASTA, ANYTHING!), it was a good choice. It does contain "rice syrup" as a minor ingredient, so I guess technically I broke the "grain-free" thing wide open, but tough toenails. Anyway, I don't think it was the soup that did what I'm about to describe, but in the interest of full disclosure, now you know what was in the soup. Anyway, I think the yeast did this: Within 10 minutes of consuming this yeast, which is very high in B6 and B12, I felt a complete cessation of what had been the beginnings of that old familiar song "I want to eat something, but what?". I felt totally fine. I was still really tired and ended up going to bed quite early for me, and then I couldn't sleep (don't think that was the B vitamins because the wind was whipping wildly and I had visions of my newish roof failing and shingles flying everywhere *L*). I think that nutritional yeast stopped cravings from starting and totally balanced me. Awesome stuff. I must be a non-secretor, dang it! If I am, mayo is an avoid!

One teensy-tiny thing that is no biggie but nevertheless: I didn't say I ate my famous sesame spread on ezekiel bread, I used to have it on rye (100%). I don't do wheat in any form. If I were to eat any kind of wheat bread, it would definitely be ezekiel, NOT spelt, but I have yet to even try either one, and no way will I ever try spelt. However, I would be interested in tasting ezekiel bread, as this bb has peaked my interest. It is fully sprouted, so should be okay. But I don't actually purchase same from the store because my thing is, since there are good alternatives to wheat, why buy wheat, sprouted or otherwise? I don't want it anywhere near me. This is probably more an an emotional thing brought about by years of wheat ruining my body and has nothing to do with ezekiel bread itself which has many beneficial properties, but still I don't eat it. I don't want wheat in my body in any form. If I want the benefits of a sprouted food, it ain't gonna be wheat. Wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) by any other name, in any other form, is still no rose! Okay, I'm ranting incoherently now so I'll stop *L*. See what even the thought of eating wheat does to me?????

p.s. While nutritional yeast still isn't rated (bummer), brewer's yeast IS and is considered neutral for secretor O's and BENEFICIAL for non-secretors. While they do come from different sources (I think nutri. is grown from beets and brewer's is grown from hops), I think if brewer's is okay, nutri. should be because beets are better for O's than hops....anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it *L*!

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