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Uh oh...when an A blows, watch out!

Posted By: Edna O+
Date: Tuesday, 19 December 2000, at 2:34 p.m.

In Response To: On the warpath...and Candida attack! (Devora (A+))


Calm yourself, honey, it is all going to be "b'seder" (in order) very soon! The mail between the U.S. and Israel is very screwy--give it another day or two.

As for this candida, I've only once in my life had a yeast infection (same thing, right? Candida IS the yeast in the yeast infection, no?). But I had a dear friend from college who was PLAGUED with them. Not coincedentally, IMHO, she was also a COMPLETE sugar and caffeine hound. I have never known anyone who loved coffee as much as she did. And while the rest of us in our mileau were eating tofu, sprouts, popcorn w/nutritional yeast, veggie lasagne, and tabouli, she would show up with the Krispy Creme donuts!!!!!!!!! She would often wax nostalgic about the diners of her youth and how her father would take her even as a small child and the two of them would have coffee with tons of sugar, and cherry cheesecake at this one certain diner in her hometown. I think those were some of the happiest memories of her life because she spoke of it often. Anyway, she not only had constant yeast infections and CONSTANT cystitis, but the cystitis once escalated into a full-blown kidney infection and the powers-that-be at school wanted to race her to the hospital. Luckily, there was this avante garde nurse at the college health center (she was SO AWESOME, I think she was the best "doctor" I ever had--she talked me outta the pill and into the diaphragm, for one, and gave me a copy of "Our Bodies/Ourselves" which is now hopelessly dated but at the time was revolutionary). ANYWAY (sorry, kinda veered a little off of your yeast infection there, didn't I--but it is all related, I tell ya!): This friend of mine constantly had yeast infections and I think sugar and caffiene had everything to do with it. I visited her years later and she was seeing a nutritionist who had her on a diet emphasizing protein, no sugar, no caffeine (hmmmmmmm....curious). I could not get over how much better she looked. HER HAIR COLOR WAS EVEN DIFFERENT. Her hair had been a very light blonde--almost white. Now it was still blonde but was RADIANT, RADIANT, RADIANT and golden. Her eyes were clear. Her previously almost translucent skin was also radiant. I just raved and raved and RAVED about how good she looked. I remember during that visit, she ate a lot of lean chicken, watermelon (which she was told to eat when she wanted white sugar) and took B12. That was when I first took a B12 sublingual--one of hers--and WOW, OMG, I had never felt so good in my life! At that time, I was totally in the grip of low-fat, high-carb brainwashing, and that B12 was just a turbo-tonic. I'll never forget it. I kept asking her for more B12 and if her nutritionist could recommend someone in my area (she was in Vermont, I was in MD--heck of a commute!), etc. I was so ready for ER4YT, even then, but I didn't know how to name it. Anyway, while on this regime of no caffeine and no white sugar, her yeast infections completely went away. She went back to her old ways, however, and they returned as well.

So, I would stay stick to whole fruits and maybe some honey for your sugars, as well as the HB veggies and complex carbs for Type A's, but stay away from white sugar, corn syrup, etc. AND caffeine (although green tea in moderation should be okay). Also, apparently nutritional yeast--even though it has yeast in the name--actually goes after candida and is HB in many other ways for O's, and okay for A's I think.

Good luck w/the candida--OH, and maybe don't drink quite so much fruit juice like your beloved pineapple, switching instead to water w/lemon? That might help, although fruit juice is good for ya--but with the candida, I'd tone it down a tad.

And your book is probably winging its way to you right now!

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