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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 15

Pattio--what you just said!

Posted By: Edna O+
Date: Tuesday, 19 December 2000, at 11:37 a.m.

In Response To: Can't wait to get mine! (Patricia O)

"Thank you Dr. D for all your work! I didn't really think this day would come, and I am ecstatic!!"

Wow! That's exactly how I've been feeling through everything else going on yesterday and today--it's been hitting me how far I've come, particularly on the weight loss part of this. Yesterday I took my holiday cookies (!) around to the neighbors. I saw the one who I used to be extremely good friends with three years ago, but we have grown apart and haven't even said more than "hi" in recent years. Anyway, she is the one who originally showed me a copy of ER4YT. She commented on how much weight I've lost. She told me she is on a very low-carb diet now. She is also Type O. Meanwhile, I noticed something. Even though I see her a lot when I'm walking my dog, etc., I haven't stopped to really study her lately, and it suddenly hit me while she was talking about her diet and the weight she had lost that she looked very unhealthy--thin, but gaunt, pale and...just very unhealthy. She has not been doing ER4YT but another diet (prescribed by her doctor). It is very low-carb. But it just shows ta go ya that without the blood type diet, a critical piece of the total health puzzle is MISSING. Yes, she has lost a lot of weight on this other diet, but obviously her health is not the greatest. If the blood type theory weren't reality, wouldn't an O on a low-carb diet be an O on a low-carb diet be an O on a low-carb diet? Wouldn't we all do the same, in other words? But no, I am thriving and she looks like Ali MacBeal only with less color. I stood there and just started to feel so grateful that I really thought I would cry. And the irony was that she was the person who introduced me to ER4YT. I gently asked her why she isn't doing ER4YT and she said her doctor wanted her to follow this other way. Well, you have lost a lot of weight, said I, trying to sound positive, but my heart was sinking for her. It was one of those "Edna, don't go on a preachy jag" moments, so I wished her a happy holiday season and left.

Like you, Pattio, I never thought I would be to this point. My weight loss goal is in sight. I am no longer morbidly obese! I can get through a day of 2nd-hand smoke in conjunction with a bout of cold, dry Canadian air and not necessarily have a nosebleed or even feel that bad, upper-respiratory-wise--I mean it is NOTHING compared to what I used to go through--I just have to keep reminding myself of that when the weather gets like this and I start to get out the violins for myself. It is amazing how much better I can "weather" the weather. There are just so many improvements to my health, I can't even mention them all. But what you said is SOOOOOOOOOO right: "I didn't really think this day would come, and I am ecstatic!!" Yes.

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