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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 15

The plane! The plane!

Posted By: Edna O+
Date: Tuesday, 19 December 2000, at 8:16 a.m.

The mothership has landed! My LR4YT arrived yesterday! I tried to have a crack at starting to read it in earnest, but honestly, it was so cold in my house and I was so wiped after breathing all that second-hand smoke yesterday and everything that I couldn't get very far before my hands froze, my nose froze, my eyes started seeing everything as a psychedelic 1960's trip, and my head felt like a ton of bricks. I decided I need to save it for when I feel good and have the concentration ability and time to really plunge in wholeheartedly and with my full attention! However...

...I did HAVE to scan it, and here are my fuzzy-headed first impressions:

-Cover red, not black
-Lots of in-depth info. on topics like secretor status--can't wait to really delve in!
-Brace yourselves O's, because after 3+ years it has finally happened. Something on ER4YT does not feel totally natural and right to me: sunflower seeds have changed from neutral to AVOID, for both secretors and non-secretors--no one escapes the insanity!!!!. I mean, I love sunflower seeds. I love them so much, I distinctly remember the very first time I ever ate them and how the taste of them just stopped me in my little 10-year old tracks! That is one avoid I will never give up. I laugh in the face of the sunflower lectin!
-Salmon is now neutral instead of HB
-The good news for O's is: Strawberries are now neutral for secretors (I think it was secretors). Isn't that good news for smoothie lovers????
-Avocado: Weirdness. I think this might be a typo. It is an avoid for O secretors but an HB for non-secretors. How can this be? I could see if it were neutral for secretors and HB for non, but this is a head-scratcher. However, if I'm a non, I'm going to town, baby!
-The book goes into a lot of depth and detail on maximizing our health with the blood type diets and I'm really excited to dive in when I can give it the attention and focus it deserves. It truly looks great and picks up where ER4YT left off, giving us lots of ways to customize the diets for our own health needs, and to use food within the blood type diets to minimize our weaknesses and capitalize on our strengths! Rock on, blood type diets!

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