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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 15

funny you should ask - type O and dairy ~

Posted By: ^heidi^ O - secretor or nonsecretor?
Date: Friday, 15 December 2000, at 8:25 p.m.

In Response To: o's reaction to eating dairy! (BODYBUILDING ROB)

My mother kept a Baby Book for me for a while after I was born. Last week, her husband found it packed away somewhere, and sent it on to me to be stored with the family photo albums. I had never seen it.

Quite a read! ;-) It happened that the stresses around the house interfered with my mom's ability to nurse me, so she tried canned milk instead, when I was about a month old. Hey-presto! I broke out in full-body hives. We lived on a dairy farm at the time, so my mother had a little light-bulb moment and the next experiment was raw milk. Hives went away; happy baby Heidi. Food for thought, eh? I wonder why that pasteurized stuff gave trouble and the raw milk did not. Maybe it was sweetened with corn syrup, as well as containing none of the natural enzymes that aid digestion? Hmm.

Other illuminating notes: I showed such interest in meat that she started giving me tiny chopped portions of lamb, beef and pork long before I had any teeth to chew with. I ADORED vegetables, but spit up my cereal until Mom reconsidered. Breakfast became applesauce or mushed pears with leftover dinner meats (and here I am eating pretty much the same way now! ;-) ).

At one year, I was offered spaghetti and took it (probably for the meat sauce). Dr. Davidson was called to the farmhouse that night, as I had conceived such a severe case of hives (even inside my mouth) that my mother thought I was dying. I am not sure what he did, but I always loved him and it may have been just the sight of him that cured me!

Non-dietary tidbits: I was walking and talking and zooming around like a monkey on speed by the age of 9 months -- without a hair or a tooth to my name. Mom thought I'd grow up to be a cueball. The teeth arrived pretty speedily after 11 months, and by 2 years old my hair was down to my waist (tiny lock enclosed in the book). My favorite part is that, to the enormous consternation of my angelic mother and the suppressed glee of my dad, I had learned to swear fluently by 23 months ~ cherubic face, long red hair and all.

"Klingon children can be... difficult." Worf


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