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I was diagnosed w/Ank. Spond. years ago and diet

Posted By: Bill de Creeft O+
Date: Saturday, 2 December 2000, at 4:36 a.m.

In Response To: Ankylosing spondilitis (sus (O))

was the answer.I was injected with radioactive phosphorus and then x-rayed and all the joints in my body showed arthritis.The Dr.s were going to give me Methotrexate and I turned it down.This is in the archives (#13)but I'll briefly repeat it.This was before Dr.D'Adamo but I found a diet that removed my symptoms,except for psoriasis.In the end it seemed that egg yolks and red meat, except for lamb, were what were effecting me the most.I had been unable to move unless I took 150 mg. of Indocin daily and was getting worse.
I eventually, through the diet, lost my symptoms and was able to continue flying.
It was really hard for me, after 10 years on that diet, for me to start on er4yt because as an O I was supposed to eat a lot of meat, but my skin was so bad it was worth a try.
Result was I started to get well in a week and I couldn't believe it either, Susanna. I eat meat 2 or 3 times a day.I still eat eggs only once a week and you can eat egg whites I'm sure (in batter, or vegetable omlets,etc.)all you want.I'm once again fighting psoriasis but it is improving.Coffee was allowed on that previous diet but I always felt it in my knuckles after drinking it;oddly,potatoes and tomatoes never bothered me,although I avoid them now,on er4yt.(Vodka was allowed, but it's not my drink!Scotch is but VERY rarely...just maybe a wee dram on a rainy night when the Pipes are going especially well!).
There have been several posts put on by Dr.D. quoting other sources about the arthritic pains wheat causes and you should search the archives(probably also in #13).Everything we've all learned and proven with our bodies by having the courage and strength to let go of the branch we're clinging to and reach for another is borne out by er4yt. It's hard for young folks as in the above posts to make that leap but we've got get them to try.
I have talked to lots of people about this and if you want to email me with a phone number I'll be glad to place the call and encourage someone..particularly someone young. There's no sense a young person going through pain and the resulting depression and feelings of helplesness and the deformation that can be stopped in a couple of weeks by just eating differently.
In my opinion, the earlier diet I was on was not a "cure"...there may not be one. But neither is Indocin or aspirin.They just stop the pain and hopefully the progress of the symptoms.But the thing is they are BAD for you, and any diet that will stop the pain is a step in the right direction.
Er4yt on the other hand IS a cure, in the sense that it corrects something we may be doing wrong to our bodies in the first place.
Just get these friends or relatives to try it for a couple of weeks WITHOUT stopping their medication....they will still feel the difference, I promise you!
Don't make them make a choice, that's scary and unfair.But they'll get to the day where they are ready to start winging it without first one pill a day, and then another.It took me 6 months to get off Indocin and I haven't taken even an aspirin for 15 years(wouldn't even take pain killers...after the first couple days..after three total hips and a total shoulder.Not a result of arthritis but an accident 40 years ago and maybe the CAUSE of the arthritis)
This way there's nothing to lose, and they don't have to go against the Dr.s advice...but they're going to get well and it will be a "Miracle".Tell them to take the meds,go with er4yt and watch for that amazing morning when,for the first time in a long while, they wake up, move a little in bed, and realize they feel GOOD!!
It won't take long....and it's just something they're eating!?!
I wish I were more eloquent at times like this,but I would be glad to talk to anyone that wants it.
Love, Bill de Creeft

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