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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 15

Memories of a Lepidopterist

Posted By: Peter D'Adamo
Date: Sunday, 5 November 2000, at 6:37 a.m.

In Response To: Refining defining, Dr. D... (Micki (A+))

"Wow, Dr, thought a response from you would include explanations about defining our types more specifically, secretors, non-secretors, parental recessive genes or something scientifically accounting for dominant/recessive tendencies. No such luck, eh?"

I don't usually respond to posts which contain the words 'type' and 'hype' in the same sentence. Just call me silly!

"Yeah, free choice is fabulous, and a lot of info regarding the health benefits according to food lectins activity in blood types seems to make sense. Plus, I saw my sister's health completely improve (fibromyalgia, gall bladder disease, and weight-- she's an O+.)" But when I come across an aberration in the info, such as the personality assigned to my daughter's type being so obviously off the mark from the reality, it naturally brings my inquiring mind into questioning what else may be off the mark that I am just not mentally astute enough to be cautious about."

The personality aspect of Eat Right is rudimentary, and in several places I wrote that it is only the reflection of a common thread seen in modern day Japanese culture and it is not possible to extrapolate the influence of blood type on personality in such a manner as to verify or debunk this material. I think the Eat Right book was quite honest about the limitations of this component, but it was included because the book was, after all, about blood type and this is an important modern aspect of how a large section of the world relates to it. Personality is more elective (through elements of the environment, such as emulation, etc.) than, say a psychological/ biochemical manifestation such as bi-polar disease or obsession-compulsion. This is why I originally wrote of the benefits of 'free-will'. Having said that, before we go any further, it has been my observation that some people evolve personalities that are the result of a careful cantilevering of conflict and control issues in their lives. For example, your daughter's aversion to animal protein. Would she think or emote more like an 'O' if perhaps she ate like one? It is only my completely subjective opinion that many grain eating-vegetarian type O's are dopamine deficient, and perhaps because of this some tend be more introverted, others more angry or agitated.

"You see, Dr., I am a teacher by nature; I seem to aquire/absorb info for the primary purpose of educating others. Because I can become very enthusiastic about informing others, and can be quite persuasive, I have to be responsible regarding what I am promoting. Behind the inspiration, the empathy, the enthusiasm, the anecdotal testimonies, it's important for me to have the facts, the reasons, the basic understanding of why something has the effect it has."

You would find all that type of information in the book I just finished writing, but here is what works for me. If we consider 'personality' (a rather inexact concept) to be much like a stream of water, we would know that this stream of water will take the path of least resistance. In times of health and low stress, the depth of the channel in minimized and the flow of water can take on a wider course (free choice). However, during times of stress and ill-health the channel deepens and the course of water has less freedom of movement; it becomes canalized and stereotypical. The deepening of the channel is the effects genetics (things like blood type).

For example, we know that type O responds to stress with higher levels of catecholamines (adrenaline molecules) than the other blood types, and they do not clear them out of their bloodstream as fast. This is probably related to a gene linked to ABO that is involved in the regulation of dopamine metabolism, (the elective shunting of tyrosine to dopamine or adrenaline or thyroxine). We also know that even normal healthy type O's have lower resting levels of platelet MAO (monoaminoxidase)which is know to produce a variety of personality manifestations including 'monotony avoidance.'

Just to give type A's something to read about: There are several studies showing that type A's experience significantly more viscous blood when under stress.

Finally, although Eat Right only reflected on the values of blood type with regard to Japanese pop psychology, subsequent investigation for Live Right disclosed a substantial amount of scientific work looking at ABO blood type and personality, much of it performed by some of the most prestigious psychologists in times past,such as Eyesenck and Catell, to just name two.

"Now, what I read of your work seems to have sound research behind it, but I'm not a scientist and can't really adequately sift the sands. So,like I said, an obvious aberration makes me look for a reason to credit/discredit some of the hype before I promote the whole theory to others. "

Again with the 'hype' word! Ouch! Look, you cannot make absolutisms out of human beings. If we were totally predictable creatures we would be robots. Also, understand the nature of statistics. Has anyone actually ever seen 1.8 children? Reminds me of the story of the three statisticians at the shootng gallery. The first lines up his site, fires, and sends a bullet 3" over the target. The second one fires a shot 3" below the target. The third one walks up, pats the other two on the back and says 'Let's go home, we hit it.'

"Absolutely no disrespect intended to you; I want to believe. Give me reasons if you have them. If you don't, then I won't get hung up on the personality aspect. From where did those observations come, anyway and do you find them relevant most of the time?"

It all boils down to what a person can be expected to do when the chips are down.

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