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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 15

The rest of the story...

Posted By: Peter D'Adamo
Date: Monday, 9 October 2000, at 10:34 a.m.

In Response To: the Paul Harvey of nutrition (JimB(A+))

From the article on that site:

"It contains high quantities of various toxic chemicals, which cannot be fully destroyed even by the long cooking process. These are: phytates, which block the body's uptake of minerals"

There are more articles on MEDLINE testifying to the anti-cancer effects of phytates than proving that they block mineral absorption at anything beyond the Petri dish.

" ..enzyme inhibitors, which hinder protein digestion."

Protease Inhibitors. Ditto.

"...and haemaggluttin, which causes red blood cells to clump together and inhibits oxygen take-up and growth.

Soy bean agglutinin. A lectin. Wonderful for type A. Binds to Tn antigen -a pan carcinoma antigen that is A-like. Interestingly, his source here (Price Pottenger Institute, a bunch of nincompoops as I have ever seen) criticized the lectin hypothesis of ER4YT, yet use it here to try to prove their anti-soy bias. That is worse than ignorance. That is opportunistic ignorance.

Most controversially of all, soy contains high levels of the phytoestrogens (also known as isoflavones) genistein and daidzein, which mimic and sometimes block the hormone oestrogen.

Soy phytoestrogens block aromatase (the enzyme which converts steroids to estrogen. They are anti-angiogenic; they block the development of blood vessels to tumors. The inhibit the uptake of xenobiotics, estrogen like substances found in many byproducts of manufacturing, such as PVC's.

Joe M. is a pretty bright guy. I just think here he is choosing to believe people who do not know what they are talking about, especially if you are type A or AB.

Tito Schipa

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