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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 15

Chip the wonder dog

Posted By: Kathy Z(o-)
Date: Friday, 6 October 2000, at 7:42 p.m.

In Response To: Little dogs are so spunky... (Vernabright O+ wannabe alternative farmer)

I have 4 dogs. Chip is a Blue merled Australian Shepherd.He got his name because he has a brown chip in one of his blue eyes. He is such a clown and yet very protective of our home.Scares the heck out of the meter reader. He loves the frisbee. If you tell him to get his ball he will bring the ball but if you tell him to bring his frisbee he starts to dance. He will leap 3 ft into the air to get it yet has never tried to jump his picket fence.He weighs about 30lbs. He is kennel trained. I have an Amish(got him from an amish family) chihuahua named Teedo Taco Bell. He is only about 5 lbs and is very humble and quiet. He is my baby. I have a Pembrook Welch Corginamed Matty Gascar(sp?) that has a dog house out in the yard and his job is to protect my garden from rabbits.He adores my husband. Lastly I have a "bad" 11 year old lab mix named Sandy Beaches that came with our last house as a puppy. She is always looking for a way to escape. She loves to travel and visit with the neighbors. I am always getting a call to come get her. I really love her but she is something. One day my neighbor called and told me she was running around the field with a bucket on her head. It took us about a half hour to get it off and when we did she just smiled real big. I also have 4 cats, a potbellied pig, two goats that run with my daughter when she is on the mountain bike like she is another goat. It is so funny to watch. And a haflinger pony that my 15 year old daughter loves more than boys(Yea). I just lost a ferret,YoYo. this year to old age. Now talk about a clown! I always said if I didn't have my animals I would be very rich but then what would I do with my money? Probably buy some pets: )
PS My cats and dogs think they died and went to heaven because of this diet. We now eat meat and they get all the scraps. Beats lentil sprouts and avocado: D
Everytime I write on this message board I either have a cat or a chihuahua in my lap.

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