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In a lot of pain 2day/can barely move

Posted By: Edna O+
Date: Wednesday, 4 October 2000, at 7:46 a.m.

In Response To: Back pain/chiropractor (Barb (O))

But can't go to chiro because now that (due to my total stupidity) HR got wind of this, they are sending me for an evaluation to see if the burn situation caused this. That's not 'til 2morrow. Then next day is hospital for burn itself, which is a lot of bad back positioning, believe me--I think that is partially what got me into this pickle. Then we have the weekend, and then Yom Kippur which, at this point, I may NOT even participate in--under Jewish law, your health must come first before religious observance, so I think God would understand if I went to the chiro to avoid it completely seizing up for days. Personally, I think if I don't go TODAY, NOW, I'm in for major trouble. I'm full-o-Advil and still barely able to stand sitting here. And now I'm worried that, if it is determined to be covered under WC, then forevermore, this back problem that I've had for years will be linked to the WC thing and regular insurance won't touch it. I'm going to have to make it crystal clear that this is an exacerbation of an EXISTING problem. The only flaw with that truth (and it is the truth), as insurance companies will see it, is that I haven't had treatment since at the latest '95. That's five years ago. They may decide this is a new thing. It is not. I know that. The HR person said "You're not a doctor Edna and neither am I", when I begged her to NOT call the claims adjuster and NOT make a huge deal outta this. I felt like saying, no, I'm only the person who has been living with this for about a decade and can tell more than anyone else on the planet whether it is the same thing as always or something entirely new. Trust me, it's the same. Was this specific flare-up caused by my body mechanics since the burn? Personally, yeah, I think so. But I wish I had just shut up and gone to the chiro and not over-thought this to death and asked HR about it. I made my own bed, and now I have to lie in it. Meanwhile, I don't think even ER can help me too much right now. The Advil is doing a number on my stomach, and I'm ready to even take some of the Vicadin I was prescribed for the burn!!!! But don't worry, I won't take that. Isn't it weird how you can be totally fine, and two weeks later, it seems like the world has caved in? What is THAT about?

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