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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 15

ER4YT is the real insurance plan!

Posted By: Edna O+
Date: Tuesday, 3 October 2000, at 1:45 p.m.

In Response To: I just want to express my sorrow to you Edna (janet type A-)

In my case today, it might be that "I have nothing to fear but fear itself." I told my mom my tale of woe on my lunch break, and she
said something insightful. She said that how afraid I am of the healthcare system and all the things that could go wrong about
coverage is much worse than the actual situation going on--so far. That is true. If I stop and think about the healthcare system in this country for more than a second, I am gripped with fear!

All I wanted to do was go to the chiropractor under our regular benefits. I was just asking our HR person about it (informally, I thought!) because the burn
might come up and I was afraid coverage could be denied if they felt the flare-up was due to anything related to the burn, like how I was walking the first six days. I thought she would say no, go to the doc. But not only did she say yes, she then insisted upon telling the claims adjuster, even when I said,
forget it then, I won't seek any treatment, it'll probably clear up on its own.

This is what deeply, deeply upsets me about our whole system. You can't just go to the doctor. I do have a lot of fear, as my mom pointed out, about coverage being denied for whatever reason--because it seems that the rare times I do seek medical attention for anything, they always find a way to deny coverage. They even denied routine bloodwork, which I hadn't had in SEVEN YEARS, saying "pre-existing condition". Well, I finally got that straightened out and covered, but it took months of Herculean effort, fear, and worry about a bill of $619.00, which to me is monumental.

What if I had been sick instead of healthy? What about all the SICK people who have to deal with this SH(*$#&(*&REP(*&FD&4)$(#&* day after day, month after month, year after year? I think the whole thing is obscene.

Taking care of ourselves through such measures as ER4YT is more important than ever. Not just so that we feel good, but because, in
our society, staying healthy is vastly preferable to needing care. As soon as you need any care, you have then to deal with the STRESS
of trying to access it. That is very, very wrong. At this point, I don't know what can be done, short of a universal plan like Canada
has, and that is no day at the beach either.

Whatever happened to Marcus Welby, M.D.?

When I was a kid, if I needed to go to the doctor, I went. Part of it was covered and part of it was paid out of pocket. How radical.
No lists. No referrals. You got sick, you went to the doctor. Well, those days are outta here.

Keep eating right, people--that is the only true insurance plan currently available in the U.S. of A.

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