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P.S. Now things have REALLY gotten ridiculous

Posted By: Edna O+, in major RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE mode
Date: Tuesday, 3 October 2000, at 11:45 a.m.

In Response To: Totally feeling massively sorry for myself today! (Edna O+, in major RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE mode) soon as my back is better I'm marching on Washington. No specific agenda, just marching about the uncaring healthcare system, uncaring bureaucracies in general, how nobody gives a hoot about anybody, and how there is no actual "care" in healthcare!

I made the mistake of asking our HR WC person if it was okay for me to go to the chiropractor *under my regular health plan* for the back, because if they ask me about it, I would have to say that its a chronic problem that I have kept in check for years, and it was probably exacerbated because I've been walking strangely and in strange positions for the past week due to the burn sitch. All I did was ASK her (informally, I thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) if she thought our regular health plan might deny coverage once I mentioned one hint of the WC thing. Well, not only did she say yes, she said "I'll report this to the claims adjuster." WHAT??p(*#$&op*&fd?>??? I immediately said there was no need to do that, that I will give it a few days and it will probably clear up on its own, blah, blah, and in no uncertain terms I told her that I DO NOT WANT MY CHRONIC BACK SITCH ALL TIED UP AND MIXED INTO THIS ONE-TIME BURN THING. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO THE ADJUSTER. Well, no can do, she HAS to say something to her. I argued with her for about 10 minutes, at which point she said I'd have to speak to the head of HR. (Meanwhile, two Advils under my belt, and the back was starting to feel a lot better!!!!!!). So, I talked with the head of HR. I begged and pleaded, please, don't bring my back problem into this asanine situation--I should never have mentioned it, it'll clear up, and I don't want the two things confused because then FOREVERMORE, if I go to a chiropractor about the back, they might say "ah, but isn't this part of a WC claim?" Well, the upshot is, HR says they HAVE to tell the claims adjuster because the flare-up could be linked to the burn. I said, no, it definitely is NOT linked to the injury itself. It could be due to how I had to walk the first six days, though, and sleep, and the hospital contraption from hell last Thursday. So, therefore, whether I protest or not (and I did protest!!!!!) they are telling the claims adjuster and now I'm most likely going to be sent for some kind of evaluation to see if this is related to the injury and WHY THE HELL DID I SAY ANYTHING TO THE HR PERSON IN THE FIRST PLACE? I should have just gone to the chiropractor, told him I've had this on and off for a while, and if asked what do I think triggered it, I should have said "I don't know." Because, actually, anything and NOTHING can sometimes trigger it. All I know is that it is a damn good thing I don't have any kind of serious illness because dealing with the healthcare system MAKES ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate bureaucracy and I hate the whole cold, stupid systsem. I have not been this upset in years. Meanwhile, my back feels better and they refuse to just forget that I mentioned it, or at least wait a few days and see if it just clears up! What would the harm be in that?

About the only thing I feel I have any control over in my life at this particular moment is eating right for my blood type, and even that is getting screwed over by things like Advil and vitamin E. Beam me up, Scotty. My advice for the day: STAY AWAY FROM THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM AND DON'T TRUST ANYONE RELATED TO IT TO ACT IN YOUR BEST INTEREST. Just eat right for your type, knowing that will keep ya healthy, and pray that nothing ever happens which will necessitate a Brush With The System.

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