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Totally feeling massively sorry for myself today!

Posted By: Edna O+, in major RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE mode
Date: Tuesday, 3 October 2000, at 8:04 a.m.

I know I am blessed with good health and I know that this "bad patch" will pass, but right now I could just either: a) Burst into tears, b) Quit my job, rob a bank, and take off to a health spa (actually, I'd have to BUILD and staff an ER4YT health spa so that I could be 100% compliant) for a few months of massage, hikes through the WOODS (this would have to be in Vermont), yoga and reflection, or c) write a big, long whiney post! Let's go with C!!!!! (A and B aren't really viable options...oh well.)

Here's the rub: I'm healing from this burn sitch and all and it is all proceeding apace, but NOW my back has up and "gone out" on me, worse than it has in years. I think I know exactly what happened: For the first six days of the burn sitch, I was walking around like Quasi Moto because the "non-irritating paper tape" I was using on the dressing not only didn't irritate, IT DIDN'T HOLD THE DRESSING IN PLACE. Anyway, I have to really watch my body mechanics to keep my low-back monster-demonseed-horrid-weirdness in check. If I watch myself, do my back exercises, and eat and exercise right for my type, my back is great--no worries! But let me just have ONE weird week, and BOOM. I could feel it getting bad last week, but when I was waiting around on a stretcher for the doc for 3 hours last Thu. and then after that they hoisted me onto a plastic contraption designed for a 6-ft tall man, with a bump designed to hit HIS back at a supportive place, and dunked me into a tank of bubbling H20 with some kind of ultrasonic stuff going on in it, that did me in. I could tell that my back was "going out" right there. And I just realized while typing this that not only was it the ergonomics (or lack thereof) of the plastic contraption-thingy, but possibly the ultrasonic blasts in the water could have exacerbated it. In any case, MY BACK IS OUT AND I AM PISSED. Man, I do everything right and...whatever. So, I called the hospital at 5:48 a.m. this morning to ask if it would be okay to take Ibuprofen--would that in any way impede the healing process of the burn? Well, I gotta say that I got a VERY helpful and nice nurse and she really COMPLETELY answered my question AND gave me even more info than I asked for. As a result, I feel comfortable taking the Ibuprofen. I probably should have started it sooner. Now I might need to go to a chiropractor and I don't even know how to go about "accessing" that. I don't know which is worse: Health sitches or dealing with the healthcare system. I do know that I am NOT up for what happened to me in 1995/6. I am NOT up for months of chiropractic treatment and rehab every day after work. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT ON!!!!!!!! I AM NOT HAVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY, NO HOW, NO MA'AM, NO THANKS, STOP THE TRAIN I WANT TO GET OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening, guys. I've taken TWO ibuprofens this morning and it is still killing me. Oh, to be Anna Nicole Smith instead of myself stuck in this chair in the cubicle. If I were a rich person, I could actually go to a chiropractor without the fear of is it gonna be covered, do I need a referral, is it on my regular health plan or part of this WC claim, is this live or is it Memorex? So, I mean, unless I have two RN's yelling at me in my face as I did when I got burned, chances are I will not go to seek healthcare......unless and until it totally goes out on me, which is very close to happening. This sucks.

Okay. Done. Sorry--that was my worst RANT in quite some time.

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