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I Sympathize with You About Your Ichy Hand.......

Posted By: Jill O+
Date: Monday, 2 October 2000, at 11:16 a.m.

In Response To: DERMITITIS (itchy hands) (Mandy O)

I came down with dermatitis about five years ago.....And just before I started ER4YT it became more pronounced, the worst ever!!! People thought I had burns on my hands....and they were so itchy a couple time a day.....The ULTIMATE MYSTERY, I tried everything......Changing Shampoo, dishsoap, wearing vinyl gloves(BIG BLUE) Also, went to restaurant supply store and purchased Poly.Gloves (100 count) for Food Handling Protection. Sometimes I think it is hormonal, sometimes Candida, Sometimes an allergy to pollon, Chemicals on the things I handle while shopping, nerves...etc...etc... BIG MISTAKE !!!! went to a dermatologist....he gave me a cream, which kept me running to the bathroom all night long to peeeeeee....Two weeks no sleep, it cleared up....and as soon as I stopped the cream, because one cannot use more than two weeks at a time (TOXIC)...It came back..... Such a tale of woe!!!!!

Two weeks before my BIG 50, I decided to finally DO ER4YT after a year of gearing up....incorporating the foods into my diet...TESTING THE WATERS.......The first two weeks, my skin started to clear, much improved. On the end of second week, I started to itch some.....but still much better..... So it could be a combo of everything, environment, heredity, immune response, nerves, Food sensitivaties.....I FEEL LIKE A BIG BIOLOGY EXPERIMENT !!!! I started August 19 on ER4YT.....and just reading about every post written, in between the lines, I have received from everyone such insight and information...I FEEL SO BLESSED !! One little hint was from someone whose daughter thought, that her eczema acted up when she ate Ezekiel Bread (sprouted grains), which I have cut back on.....but not giving up on it entirely. Also, some people O's have sworn off grains in entirety and do not miss them.....Also, I have read that brown rice is good for people with dermatitis (Prescription for Nutritional Healing) good book for reference....THE O DIET IS THE TICKET.....No dairy, wheat, corn, fried foods, etc...Also watch out for sugar and fats, not to much.....However Olive Oil and Flaxseed ground/oil is excellent !!!!! Hope this helps, Mandy !!! *L* & PRAYERS FOR HEALING..!!!

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