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candida ...

Posted By: (A)ndreas
Date: Monday, 2 October 2000, at 3:49 a.m.

In Response To: Type A Battling Candidas--How Do I Overcome This? (Mike J.(Type A))

Hi, we've been discussing candida for quite some time. I don't want to retype my point of view over and over again. That's why I just paste in what I said before:

I used to have candida in the whole family two years ago. My wife and me (both A) were lightly affected. Our to little daughters, a 1 year old A and a 2 year old O, were heavily affected. The older daughter had already started heaving problems with candida when the younger one was not yet born. The younger one developed candida problems as soon as she was born.

We went from one doctor to the next. They all performed the usual candida therapy consisting of diet (no sugar, no white bread, no white noodle and so on) and nystatin. Temporarily the situation got better, but they were all downfalls in achieving substantial results.

Thank God we finally found a doctor that performed a completely different candida therapy that turned out to be lasting cure. He's also the one who told us about ER4YT. That's were the rubb is:

- The least important item but the most convenient for you: The usual candida diet is too strict: Candida is not able to digest white bread, white noodle and so on. Whole wheat products are more healthy of course as the colons transport these structures more easily, but as far as candida itself is concerned it makes no difference. Candida is also not able to digest fruit sugar!!! You can eat as many sweet fruits and eben diabetics chocolate as you want. All you've got to stay away from is: honey, white sugar, malt sugar, dextrose. That's it.

- The key point: Candida is not a candida problem. Candida is always an immune difficiency problem!!! That's why focusing on removing the candida doesn't produce any results in the long run.

- The good bacteria in the colons, which are equivalent with the so called unspecific immune system, produce nystatin on their one and carry it everywhere in the collons. That's why it is absolutely useless taking nystatin medicine. What it takes is to find out which tribes of good bacteria are lacking in the collons and repopulating them.

- A candida infection is also impossible as long as the specific immune system (antibodies and so on) does its job. A candida therapy has to tell the specific immune system that candida is an enemy. Candida disguises itself as good bacteria to the specific immune system. There is an treatment called autovaccine. That's Latin: auto = self, vaccine = immunization. Specimen from your manure has to be taken. A lab will extract all microorganisms in it (not only the candida), water it down and give it back to you. You will have to shoot it in steadily growing doses under your skin. That way the immune systems learns again what it has forgotten: candida is an enemy. It also learns again: there good bacteria lacking and there is need to encourage their settling down.

I was free of candida problems after starting this therapy within one week! With our little daughter it took only a couple of weeks. We've been free of any candida problems for 2 years now. Repopulating the good bacteria in the collons may take longer: up to 1 year. But that doesn't bother you. You'll have to repeat the autovaccine thing in order to stabilize the effect. That doesn't bother you either.

ER4YT is not necessary in candida therapy. You can get rid of candida without applying ER4YT. But it's a great support. Getting rid of candida boosted me from sick to healthy. ER4YT boosted me from healthy to vital.

Looking back I assume that not eating right for my type brought me in the candida problem. I used to be an A who ate beef, milk, diary and egg in heavy doses ...

Take care


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