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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 14

Help me understand Griffonia

Posted By: sTeve
Date: Thursday, 27 July 2000, at 1:55 p.m.

Based on the following citation, is Griffonia a Type A/Type B avoid or OK?



Glycobiology 1999 Nov;9(11):1161-70

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Further characterization of the combining sites of Bandeiraea (Griffonia) simplicifolia lectin-I, isolectin A(4).

Wu AM, Wu JH, Chen YY, Song SC, Kabat EA

Glyco-Immunochemistry Research Lab, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chang-Gung University, Taiwan.

Bandeiraea (Griffonia) simplicifolia lectin-I, isolectin A(4)(GS I-A(4)), which is cytotoxic to the human colon cancer cell lines, is one of two lectin families derived from its seed extract. It contains only a homo-oligomer of subunit A, and is most specific for GalNAcalpha1-->. In order to elucidate the GS I-A(4)-glycoconjugate interactions in greater detail, the combining site of this lectin was further characterized by enzyme linked lectino-sorbent assay (ELLSA) and by inhibition of lectin-glycoprotein interactions.

This study has demonstrated that the Tn-containing glycoproteins tested, consisting of mammalian salivary glycoproteins (armadillo, asialo-hamster sublingual, asialo-ovine, -bovine, and -porcine submandibular), are bound strongly by GS I-A(4.)Among monovalent inhibitors so far tested, p-NO2-phenylalphaGalNAc is the most potent, suggesting that hydrophobic forces are important in the interaction of this lectin. GS I-A(4)is able to accommodate the monosaccharide GalNAc at the nonreducing end of oligosaccharides.

This suggests that the combining site of the lectin is a shallow cavity. Among oligosaccharides and monosaccharides tested as inhibitors of the binding of GS I-A(4), the hierarchy of potencies are:

GalNAcalpha1-->3GalNAcbeta1-->3Galalpha1-->4Galbeta 1-->4Glc (Forssman pentsaccharide) > GalNAcalpha1-->3(LFucalpha1-->2)Gal (blood group A)()> GalNAc > Galalpha1-->4Gal > Galalpha1-->3Gal (blood group B-like)> Gal.

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