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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 13

Irritable bowel syndrome

Posted By: Peter D'Adamo
Date: Wednesday, 10 May 2000, at 7:17 a.m.

In Response To: DR. D... Help with Irratable bowel syndrome???? (Dan)

"I have been diagnosed with IBS. I had a colonoscopy 32 months ago which indicated no polyps or any other problems. I wanted another Colonoscopy because I was having narrow stools and bloating. My doctor says I do not have colon cancer. She says that IBS can mimic symptoms of colon cancer, and that the narrowing of my stools comes and goes because IBS has alternating symptoms of constipation and diarreah... Inflamation of the colon causes narrowing of stools, she says."

That is true...

"I asked for another colonoscopy but she refused. Saying that since I have no family history of Colon Cancer and a clean bill of health from the previous exam, that it was highly doubtful I had colon cancer. I appreciate that she doesn't want to perform uneccessary procedures. I also don't think she is being arrogant because her father has colon cancer, and she doesn't seem like someone who would take uneccessary not checking me out. Do you think her rationale is appropriate????"

Yes, especially since colonoscopy is only so discriminatory.

"I've been on ERFYT for 4 months (I have purchased all of your books) and I have adhered to the your diet verbatum. I play squash 3 times a week with a close friend and I drink 8 glasses of water per day."

The exercise is fine, but the water drinking is only so effective. My advice is to get more water from water-rich foods rather than large glasses of water. Water from fruits and vegetables is matrixed into the cell structure of the food, which gets the water from the intestines into the lymph. Drinking water just gets it into the stomach, which sends it to the blood, which outputs it into the kidneys.

"Do you have any advice for someone who wants to reduce IBS symptoms, in addition to a strict adherence to the Blood Type diet??????"

They might want to use peppermint oil capsules to decrease cramping, and perhaps the Deflect product for their blood type to block bacteria and food lectin adherance and promote healing. A tblsp of ghee can help boost butyrate levels, which enhance colon flora balance.

"Should someone with these symptoms worrying about colon cancer at all?"

No more than average, but to help protect yourself, eat larger amounts domestic mushrooms, fava beans, peanuts, amaranth, walnuts and green tea *depending on your type*

"I know any response you give should not to be taken as medical advice."

Fair enough.

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