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I think you've answered yourslf,Dan..but as to cause

Posted By: Bill de Creeft O+
Date: Saturday, 18 March 2000, at 4:27 a.m.

In Response To: Gratitude,Experiences and a Question........ (Dan Clizer ( O ))

that's something I've puzzled over a lot myself.The reason I'm putting it on the board rather than an email to you is because a lot of us must wonder about this..and the result is that, like you, we hesitate to give advice when we don't even know the answer ourselves.I mean yes,the diet will make it go away and that might be all that interests him right now.But what about all those people you and I know that do just fine eating everything all their life.My father lived to 98, and my mother to 97...they ate carefully as they got older but never what could be described as er4yt! A little arthritis in their hands, but not all over like your friend and like me.So what's the difference? If it was just lectins everybody should be hurting! The most obvious is how different life was 100 years ago(that's how long ago they were born!!) in the way of food and environment...not in stress, because life has been stressful clear back to our"cave man" ancestors and I think I've read that rheumatoid arthritis is only a few hundred years old or less;not osteo arthritis which is as old as man. I wondered "Why Me?" as we all do, and ended up just grateful that I didn't have anything worse!?! The phrase Bush Pilot embarrases me(like calling yourself a "cowboy" somehow)but really it's what I have been doing for 35 years and 20,000 hours and there is a tremendous amount of stress at times...really bad weather is probably the main one.But when I was young I used to drive a race car for fun!! So I think lots of us are built for that(O's?)I mean..I'm still doing the same things and all I did was eat different things and it went away....!?!
Ithink some of us have a genetic disposition to arthritis but maybe only under the right(or wrong)conditions. For me I've always wondered about transfusions. I had an accident almost 40 years ago(part of the learning process, I suppose)and got badly crunched and about ten years later had to have a hip replacement. At that time if you got blood you had to pay it back with your own blood afterwards. Since most people were getting new hips as a result of arthritis, I've always wondered if there was a factor in the blood that"gave" me psoriatic arthritis, from someone who's blood I got.Now we've got to worry about worse things, but at least they've learned enough to screen and test donated blood for those things like hiv. And I didn't get it until another (minor) mishap where I had to dive into freezing salt water a couple of times at 5 degrees and 30 knots of wind(nobody figured chill factor at that time!)one day.It started soon after that.I found a diet 20 years ago that stopped the arthritis and I had been on 150 mgm.s of Indocin a day to be able to move. And now comes Peter D'Adamo and stops the psoriasis in two weeks after 25 years! So yes..the diet will stop the condition, I'm convinced and your friend should get on it BANG!
like that, because once he stiffens up I don't think the diet will reverse permanent damage...but the pain is just terrible, and the resulting depression and hopelessness of just getting a little worse every day in spite of what the "best medical advice" reccomends...all that will stop, as you and I know.
That's all we really need, until Peter...or someone else figures out the connection...the WHY.
Ankylosing Spondylitis is just another word for arthritis in your spine and it went away with the rest..which was soon as I found a way to eat.It worked on the arthritis for 15 years but not the psoriasis.Two months of eating what would have been "wrong" foods on the old diet and no arthritis or psoriasis on er4yt.

That's a young guy, that friend of yours and I was about his age when it hit me...once I found out it was something I was eating I just figured "Okay..I've got arthritis. It comes right back at me if I forget or get careless,but I know what I can do to not make it hurt. So it's not a cure..but it beats Indocin!!"
I'm like you...I just feel so great in general; so upbeat,so full of the joy of life, so STRONG that I'd be out hunting Mastodons if there was no Health Food Store!.Now there's a pile of meat for an all O family!?!
Help that guy;you've got the answer!!
Love, Bill de Creeft

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