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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 12

A Clockwork Carrot

Posted By: Elena B+
Date: Friday, 22 October 1999, at 1:43 a.m.

In Response To: Any O carrot juice drinkers (kathy Z (o-))

A juicing friend of mine performed an experiment on himself monitoring his blood sugar while drinking carrot juice throughout the day. Results: his blood sugar would indeed go up sharply after a glass of juice, but then... then it would go down slllooowwwly in a smooth descending curve. No sudden drop, no crash. Beautiful. No other carbs he experimented with produced this smoothly- gliding-down effect.

Carrot juice is high in live enzymes we're typically deficient in -- yes, even on the right diet (because we don't eat enough fresh, nutritionally non-depleted, unmolested foods, for lack of availability thereof). Enzyme-dependent hormonal functions are a complex issue -- and one that, when taken into account, makes a simplistic sugar-insulin interplay model rather superficial. An influx of live enzymes, vitamins, and important trace minerals from the juice of a pound or two of organic carrots is very likely to prime the system to handle all that simple sugar that's come along for the ride with no fuss whatsoever. Diabetics have been helped by juicing programs heavily relying on carrot juice!

But why not eat fresh veggies instead, some people say. To this I say, I'm no clockwork rabbit. I can't eat my way through two pounds of carrots. Add the fact that I rotate combinations of carrots with all my HB vegetables, and hey, I'd have to be a clockwork dinosaur (the A-blood-type herbivorous one at that:) to cope.

Among many benefits I attribute to the practice, I resurrected my night vision (which I thought was "failing"), sped up my dark adaptation from minutes to seconds, lost light sensitivity (and sunglasses), stopped sunburning OR using sunscreens, and decimated my coffee consumption (not that I have anything against coffee, being a B and a connoisseur -- but I used to drink way too much before I acquired the juicing habit). As for blood sugar, I've no clue what mine is like. I don't expect this problem to apply to ultradian eaters like me (more on ultradian-rhythm eating when I'm in the mood to saddle this particular hobbyhorse... tip: eat many-many times a day and keep your portions small...)

I cast my vote for carrot juice wholeheartedly. I think the best thing for Os, for whom it's a neutral, would be to use it as a taste/volume base to mix HBs with.


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