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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 11

Yes, I have

Posted By: Peter D'Adamo
Date: Friday, 1 October 1999, at 12:34 p.m.


Obviously, you will want to do whatever benefits your condition, but I must tell you that in my opinion (and that is really what it is) 'Biobalance' make claims about pH which are not at all supported by even the most basic physiology textbooks. If that is the case, what am I to think of the food conclusions?

Case in point:

1. Venous blood is controlled by homeostasis (the innate control of blood parameters to within certain very narrow limits) to an incredibly exact
amount (7.37). Venous blood pH is actually more tightly controlled by the body than arterial blood pH which can vary from 7.38 to 7.42. How anyone can read into this some predictable amount of variation escapes me.

2. Venous blood pH is technically difficult to determine. Even slight variations in the phlebotomy collection method, or even the room temperature can cause variations which are artifactual. Other factors, such as cholesterol level in the blood, can rapidly alter the venous pH after it is withdrawn. Also, venous blood pH studies need to be shipped in ice, and need to be run ASAP. Even then, the margin of error is enormous. In conventional medicine venous Ph and blood gases are used in extreme medical conditions, like shock. In ambulatory people the amount of variation is so slight as to very likely be obfuscated by variables in collection technique.

3. How would you determine if you are 'acid' so you can benefit from a high protein diet? Are you going to measure your venous pH, or just assume that you are acidic? If that is the case, you can: 1.) eat anything that makes you feel better 2.) fix the underlying problems. Number two is the better solution, because other disease succeptibilities linked to your being type A and accelerated by high protein diet, are not going

The pH theory was big in naturopathic circles in the 1980's. The most of the ND's who actually did the measurements (rather than just ascribe the characteristics) said it was unworkable.

Is pH a missing link in ER4YT? I don't think so. Too noisy. Does ER4YT work for everyone? Nope. But I did specifically mention hypoglycemia as a complicating factor for some dieters in the book, and recommended dealing with it independantly of the diet, if need be.

Perhaps moving towards 'A-ness' will take you time (it takes some people years) but it can be done. People here can help, and the results are worth it.

Good luck!

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