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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 11

Heart Disease & Triglycerides lowering

Posted By: Claire Blocker
Date: Friday, 24 September 1999, at 6:04 a.m.

I am a 52 year old female who genetically predisposed for heart disease, (unknown to me prior to by-pass surgery 3/98 CABGx4 + later stent/failed). I have been successful a lowering my cholesterol over the past eighteen months by eating the "A" blood type vegetarian diet. I have lowered my overall cholesterol from 213, (LDL- 115, HDL -51, Triglycerides-237, ratio 4.2, BP-130/80, wt. 111) 12 months ago to 194 the first of August (LDL-71, HDL-71, Triglycerides 229, ratio 2.5, BP-126/78, wt.113). As you can see my Triglyceride level is high. However, in May of this year I had gotten them down to 126. I believe that due to a lifestyle problem, I was using hard candy as a deterent for the cough I had developed due to the drug Lotensin for BP, while I was on a 7 day vacation immediately prior to the labwork (minus the 12 hr. fast). My cardiologist recomended that I start taking TRICOR (beta blocker) to combat the high Triglyceride level. I explained to him about the cough/candy thing on vacation and he reluctantly gave me 3 months to get the level down or I would need to take the beta blocker, end of discussion. I have great faith in the cardiologist (he helped me complete 7 weeks of EECP therapy to create new capillary growth that allowed me to get a life again). Obviously I want to lower my Triglycerides naturally if I can. I have had very bad experiences with taking beta blockers in the past for migraines and really do not want to go there again! So, my question is how do I add/delete the proper foods in my diet,i.e.: a sharp shooter approach, to maximize the exercise that I currently do at cardiac rehab 3x per week do get as close to the 100 level for my Triglyceride level that my doctor is looking for. (because of my history he's treating me pretty aggressively).
I have already eliminated every granular of sugar and simple carbohydrates that I can find in my life and it has helped some by dropping them to 168 ( I did a 6 week testvia the rehab lab). Any suggestions?

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