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Answer from a Long Term ER4Typer - LONG post!

Posted By: ^heidi^
Date: Thursday, 23 September 1999, at 10:03 p.m.

In Response To: A question for Long Term ER4Typers (Edith L)

Hi there, Edith! Welcome here, btw!! I think you will be happy you found us. We're always glad to welcome another newbie, because we can share their delight in what they have to look forward to.

I am approaching my two-year anniversary of eating right (September 30). The book came out on January 8, 1997, so I'm only about 9 3/4 months behind the leaders ;-D -- however, Peter D'Adamo's and his father's patients and associates had the opportunity to follow this program from a much earlier time, so who knows how many years the oldest-timer has racked up? Peter's been pretty much on the A plan all his life, so he may get the prize!! Maybe he'll post his story...

I really have no dramatic symptoms, weight loss/gain, surgeries, or diseases to tell you about because I was one of the lucky ones. I was merely 15 pounds underweight, was losing hair enough to stuff pillows with it, had dangerously *low* cholesterol and blood pressure, my breasts had begun to disappear, I had conceived a lipoma on the bones of my ribcage, my skin had started to break out mysteriously just on the left side of my face, no comfortable sleeping position unless I were surrounded by heavy padding, constant sniffling and coughing; I lived a kind of solitary exclusive dark mental idealism (lyrical escapism), and, most important: I had no energy, no initiative and no courage in my life, no desire whatever to _create_ in the world -- and a great scorn for those who did -- and it happened to be a time when I needed those qualities (back) very, very much.

But you see, I just thought I was getting more "spiritual." When one detaches from the world, of course the animal vitality and earthly involvements must fade away. This seemed quite natural to me. I had been ovo-lacto-pesco-vegetarian for many years, including many fasts and juice fasts, and nearly vegan for 5. I was 39. I am type O.

May I say here, thank you my ancestors for giving me a strong constitution?

When my acupuncturist introduced me to this diet, I seized upon it with a passion I did not know I still possessed. First, I argued with her about the slaughter and ingestion of meat, and was mystified by what I saw as her dim, poorly-reasoned, self-serving attitude. (She is also type O). I bought the book that night, and by the morning I had read it and I was jarred and shocked and dismayed... and I understood, Lots of things... and I K N E W what it would mean to me. I immediately donated blood at a local blood bank and discovered my blood type, to my *great* disappointment! ~~~:-D

Following a restricted eating plan is easy as breathing, in my view, so the next day I plunged right 100% in. My AB companion of that time dealt with it much more reasonably than I did -- he just left the house. I was in a fury of conflict and Chlorox (to clean everything that had touched the MEAT) (I must pause here to say that that first morning, when I walked up to the counter of my health food store carrying a a package of OK **BEEF** made me feel like Judas with a big wet kiss on his mouth, with Klieg lights & cameras in the eyes of everyone around!!)

Three weeks later, the acne was gone. My hair had stopped falling out. I had regained muscle tone and skin tone, and brain tone, and heart tone.... The next doctor's appointment in December brought a much healthier cholesterol and blood pressure reading, and an odd look in the eyes of the technician when I explained down to the nth degree exactly what had restored my health. Next appointment: gynecologist, to whom I also explained my *lack* of menstrual trouble!

Do not be fooled by my lack of serious health complaints, or my dramatic presentation. I'm an opera singer and actress by talent and temperament, but I thrive on words, knowledge and detail. My life began again when I began this diet, and really there are no words and no number of words that can give thanks for this. I've never tried to tell my story before, and I have no idea why I'm doing it now except that it is time.

To the "old hands:" you've been an indescribable source of understanding, compassion, humor and guts for me; to the newbies, you keep me passionate and connected afresh; to Peter, ... you old fugue of a man, you -- I know a little about music and chaos, too. Thanks.


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