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Posted By: Carolyn
Date: Sunday, 23 May 1999, at 10:04 p.m.

In Response To: Re: CALCIUM FROM TUMS (Rose O)

I have a Sources of Calcium booklet from the Mayo Clinic. All servings are listed as 1/2 cup Rhubarb 175 mg, spinach 120, turnip greens 100, soybeans 90, kale 90, okra 90 [a surprise; never thought of okra as containing calcium], chinese cabbage 80, collards 75, beans dried or cooked 60-80, broccoli 50, swiss chard 50. It also states: Because the calcium in vegetables may not be completely absorbed, other food sources of calcium should be eaten.
Note: For those of you using the egg/lemon juice mixture..around Easter time I saw Martha Stewart on TV dying eggs. She stated that some eggs are sprayed with a chemical to give them a long shelf life, so those eggs will not take dye. I have been buying my eggs at Whole Foods, etc. with the hope that they are not sprayed with chemicals. Does anyone know what is sprayed on the eggs? I find it difficult to find fresh eggs. A few months ago there was a big flap in the media about old eggs being recycled with fresher eggs and put back on the shelf. There was some talk of requiring each egg to be stamped with a date????

Anyway, I have read over and over about the importance of taking magnesium with calcium...some say take them separately since they may not work as well if taken at the same time of day. I cannot take magnesium. Every time I take it, it makes the candida go crazy. It promotes the growth of candida. My husband who recently had a stroke....had candida, they gave him nystatin, diflucan, antibiotics (making it worse of course), milk of magnesia.....the candida was terrible...yellow curd like stuff coming out of his eyes, ears, on his face. They gave him Nizoral shampoo (you can buy this over the counter now...remember Nizoral..if taken internally it can kill the yeast and/or your liver. BTW Nizoral shampoo straightens your hair??). Anyway, it didn't start to clear up until he stopped taking the milk of magnesia (for constipation). I keep telling this tip to everyone because I spent years trying to control candida and all the time I was so brain washed by the media and doctors that I had to take calcium/magnesium for my never occurred to me or the doctors that the magnesium was doing me in. I spent all those years starving myself in an attempt to prevent the candida growth. SO, if you take magnesium and have a candida problem, consider the possibity that the magnesium is promoting the yeast growth. I know, I know, I desperately need the magnesium too, but I simply cannot take it in pill form. Carolyn

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