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Soy and Thyroid and more......

Posted By: Stephen (A+)
Date: Wednesday, 28 April 1999, at 4:21 a.m.

Wow, I hope people read this cause it took me ages to write (I'm a really slow typer!!)

It saddens me to read such messages (which I won't mention or name names) that personally slag people off and call them names because you are a "Doctor" which means you must have "Narrow views" on treatments. I don't get on the board much but a friend E-mailed me a responce to one of my posts which was leveled as a personal insult. Now I'll get over it, but there is really no need to go down those paths and cause friction cause individuals like that have to suffer with themselfs enough.

The problem was that the individual was saddly miss informed about me, and the subject he/she was commenting on. I will reply to the medical slagging, and leave the personal stuff for someone else to live with.

Firstly, I am a Doctor, DOCTOR OF NATURAL MEDICINE. This shouldn't make a difference, but to some it does. I an a Naturopathic Physician as well as a qualified Chemist. I teach Medical, and Naturopathic Doctors for a job. So, yes, I do treat holistic medicine, and don't even use medical drugs at all. And I don't think you should slag people off because of the job they do. We should be encouraging the western practitioners.

Also, I was pointed to a paper which was supposed to prove soy was goitrogenic. I know biochemically that this is not true in humans but, I did get the medical paper. I will quote from the paper: " was observed that an acidic, methanoic extract of soybeans contain compounds which inhibit thyroid peroxidase." To the untrained this might appear that soy inhibit thyroid. The catch is that humans don't eat an "acidic methanol" extract!!! We eat the whole plant. Did you know that an extract of Apricots has lethal doses of cyanide?? I won't go on but you get the gist.

The paper goes on to say how it inhibits the thyroid however, the end of the paragraph reveals this (quote): "...however, the presence of iodine ion in the (fluid) completely abolished the inactivation." This means that if iodine is present, then thyroxine will be made as normal. By the way if iodine wasn't present, then no thyroxine could be made anyway!!!!

The classic is this "Because inhibition of thyroid synthesis can induce goiter and thyroid neoplasma in rodents, isoflavones may be important for extrapolating goitrogenic hazards identified in chronic rodent bioassays to humans consuming soy products." Please remember that with iodine around then none of this happens anyway!! This is only a hypothesis made at the end we know, as physicians is not true. How?? Are there human studies?? Yes, its called Japan. Infact, they have the lowest rates of all cancers, and an extreemly low rate of thyroid cancer. Please remember that these guys are the largest consumers of soy per head capita. Also, I check the journals (as if that won't convince you) and soy actually reduces thyroid cancer rates!!!

I do encourage people to read journals but they are complex. I also like that someone has challenged what I said!! I don't like the slander because of the letters in front of my name. We are all friends here.


P.S The particular post has since gone off the board so not to cause any more agro!!

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