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Re: "A" sisters aren't convinced. Any ideas?

Posted By: Andrea Cayea
Date: Thursday, 29 July 1999, at 8:17 p.m.

In Response To: Re: "A" sisters aren't convinced. Any ideas? (Shirley Stonehouse)

Those sisters! I have two both O. One has been to see Peter and still can't bring her self to do the ER thing. The other has been following Gary Null for so long that it would break her heart to find out that being a vegetarian is not the right thing for her. My vege type O sister suffers from depression as well. Any connection? I figure time will catch up to them. eventually they will come around. We are to the point where we can't even bring it up because we don't agree. Over the winter my nonvege. sister had a very bad sinus/respitory infection she asked me at the time," Why do I have all this phlegm?" I responded" Maybe too much wheat and dairy?" She responded" but I eat very little wheat'. I dont even talk about it any more. What makes it diffucult is that I love them and would like nothing better then to see them feel their best. It has created a distance between us. Keep talking and sharing good times, the closer you become to them and the more acceptance they feel the easier it will be whan the right time comes. Are the brothers any easier? Andrea A

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