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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 10

Weight Gain

Posted By: Rhonald_Angelo
Date: Tuesday, 20 July 1999, at 11:10 a.m.

Hi to the community. Isn't this just great? I just ordered the book, and I am having the time of my life, finding out about all this stuff. This history behind all of this is just facsinating to me! I can't put the book down! I am working with several people on their health issues, and I intend to refer this info to them. For once, information overload is good!

I am type O, male 43. This book is simply incredible. I have been studying and researching for the last 15 years on diet and wellness. I have had a history of digestive disorders. I have experimented with being vegitarian, high carb diets, etc. HA!! Not for me, Type O. I have begun read this book. Hmmmm, wheat and yogurt will be the most difficult for me to stop, but hey "I'll get over it" My Question to anyone out there including the Dr. is what about gaining weight? I am very lean. Page 53 in ER4YT talks about losing weight by restricting grains, legumes, and beans. The leading factor in weight gain for O's is wheat gluten. Well, for me this must not apply. I have been eating major wheat since high school. Everything I ate was "whole grain" I have also freely enjoyed lentils and all beans in the past and never noticed any real weight gain. I asked my doctor; olive oil and more on my plate were his recommendations. I even had my thyroid checked by my doctor and he says it is normal. My symptoms of bloating, gas, itchy ears, headaches, fatigue, skin problems, constipation, and no appetite and more research made me aware of the possibility of parasites and a malfunctioning colon. So, I went did this 90-day bowel cleansing and parasite cleansing. Wow, what a difference! One of the reasons I think that weight gain was not forthcoming was because the walls of my intestines and colon were clogged and nutrients were not being absorbed, combined with eating the wrong things like wheat and dairy. I should have been a cow with all the milk I was drinking! I became aware that nothing (the best food; supplements) can be utilized if you can't absorb it properly. I feel better now knowing that I will absorb nutrients and I feel better that ever, and I can't wait to start my O Type diet!

Curious reading the list of foods that encourage weight gain, I was eating all of them except mustard greens. This makes no sense to me. The wheat did not put any weight on that I can remember. My usual fitness regime (when active) is 3 times per week for 60 min. Stretching, and lifting weights. Experience and advice from someone who was built like me says I need to eat large amounts of food to gain weight. Tearing down muscle and feeding it protien, vitamins and minerals is what rebuilds muscle tissue. Well, I was eating and eating, but not much result. Another interesting, thing is that whey which is in many of the top sports supplements is supposed to be the best source of protein for building muscle (supplementing whole food meals) Three whole food meals and Three MRP spread out over the day has been the recommendation for my bodytype. Also, I am mixed African and Caucasian, Can I eat eggs (breakfeast ideas?) and tolorate whey, if I stick to the rest of the O type recommendations? Overall, I am very healthy and have no complaints at present. Just need to bulk up a bit.

The questions are open to all who have more experience than I, especially any health practioners who use this in their practice or any lean bodybuilders out there. E-mail me at Thanks in advance!

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