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Goalbusters - off to land of the rye

Posted By: Veera (O+)(ISTJ)
Date: Saturday, 3 July 1999, at 4:02 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Goalbusters - Freedom Fourth, Yay!!! (sc (O), ISF)

Hello all!

Well, it's been a bad week for avoids, but I enjoyed myself, and I didn't have a really bad reaction either, so oh well. I posted about it earlier, my ice cream/corn chips/chocolate cake with whipped cream day. It was worth every morsel! Well, exercise hasn't been as good as it could be, so my weight is still +5, but that's not much compared to some other people, so again, I'm not complaining.

What are my goals in Finland? Find sources for soy milk, and I guess just keep dairy to a minimum. There's no way to escape wheat, but I'll have to make sure that when I do eat avoids, they're worth it, so I don't have just hohum foods that make me ill. I don't know if they have spelt flour at all, but I'll look around. I will of course eat only rye bread (some do have small amounts of wheat), but new potatoes and fresh strawberries I'm going to have to eat, and mint ice cream cones, and karelia pies (rye crust with salted rice pudding - dairy!), and pulla (a Finnish sweet dessert bread with wheat). Milk chocolate (better than Swiss!) and some other candies. I'll read the ingredients, but I'm sure all candy nowadays has corn syrup... Have to have some Finnish beer (it's stronger than the American stuff). The one thing I'm really looking forward to is eating some meat there, because they're not allowed to use hormones in cattle, so their meat is really delicious. Too bad it's really expensive, but since I get a free breakfast, I guess I can eat a hearty lunch... I'll also try the reindeer meat -- I'm sure that's beneficial, sort of like venison.

The hostel I'm staying at has a free buffet breakfast, so I may make breakfast one of my bigger meals, and save my soy drink for the evening. That means eggs, oatmeal, rye bread, and other stuff. Nice not to have to worry about preparing a meal in the morning for the next 2 weeks at least. When I'm at the country house, I'll have to prepare meals again. Hopefully it'll be warm when we're in the country, so I can go swimming in the lake, get some exercise!

Good bye, everyone! If I find a place that I can sit down and access the Internet, I'll try to post a Goalbuster or two. See you all in August!

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