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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 9

Re: Goal Busters

Posted By: sc (O)
Date: Saturday, 20 February 1999, at 9:31 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Goal Busters (Gerry "O")

HI, Cindy and Gerry - a serious reply to your cute and funny posts (Cindy, it's so nice to hear about your happy valentine; feeling loved is a woman's best beauty secret!). As I lost/lose the weight, it hasn't been all over and all at once. Right now I'm having trouble remembering the exact pattern, but I remember posting something about how it seemed to be going from my head downward (or, it might have been, vice versa! - sorry!). I like to notice how different bodies store extra weight and wonder about the person's blood type (if it's someone I don't know). I notice some O's are like me, either all-over balloony or just kind of bull-like, mainly in the upper back/torso/gut (but relatively slim arms and legs). I notice some A's with a lot of hip/thigh massing. And the B's (maybe because so few) are really distinctive. The ones I know, the females, are all built on queenly lines anyway, and with extra weight they go to the valkyrie look, widening and large in the front (valkyrie voices, too, most of them - really can project!). Anyway, off that digression and back to the weight loss pattern: My face did start getting more definition almost immediately, my jawline coming back out from hiding; then the upper back/bull/football player thing began to melt off, along with a little of the upper gut (right under my ribs, above my waist): only after all of that did my waist/belly go down (more than a little bit that happened all over right at first - the water weight loss); now, most recently, the little bit of excess I was carrying on my thighs and legs (it never was noticeable) is melting off, too. The last 10 lbs or so I'm carrying are pretty much concentrated in my favorite weight-carrying place, where it makes me look like I'm a little bit pregnant - belly/waist/upper gut. But lately I have felt my waist/belly sort of sliding around INSIDE my jeans and pants, rather than pushing against them! That's major, even if it isn't registering on the scale yet. This area is VERY sensitive to what I eat: the way type A guts complain about avoids when they eat them is the way my waistline registers stuff I should avoid (or combinations, or quantities - sometimes it's a challenge to sort it all out). Good luck (and don't worry - go for a walk instead!) Love, sc

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