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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 9

Re: Goal Busters

Posted By: sc (O)
Date: Saturday, 20 February 1999, at 7:09 a.m.

In Response To: Goal Busters (Loni)

Hello, fellow GBs, Nice to hear how you're doing. My week has been weird. I'm doing ok physically, but mentally/emotionally is another topic! I'm pretty well holding at a pound or so above my normal, prepregnancy highest setpoint (so I'm still about 10 lbs. above comfortably sleek, where I'd like to be); and had no migraining whatsoever this menstrual cycle; I'm doing pretty well, foodwise, and exercising every day. Downside: my energy is not great, even though I exercise, I don't have my normal happiness about it, and find it a bit tiring (it isn't that I've done or am doing too much, actually I can feel that I'd be happy with more, a daylong walk or a swim or a bike ride, but these aren't possible right now); I have a wisdom tooth that gets the gum around it sore when I need more calcium, and it's been very sore this week (I didn't increase the amt I take, because I thought it was cycle related, but it hasn't passed off); and, worst of all, my emotional energy is weird - not exactly sad, though almost, irritable, wanting to disconnect from any and all cooperative efforts (normally, though an introvert, I give a lot of energy out to various connections). The first few weeks on the plan I went through a very irritable phase, which passed off and I became even calmer than before; this feels like a reprise, maybe because I'm working on my oldest setpoint, and it's very firmly embedded; maybe the process of reset inloves (I don't think I'll change this typo, as I think it's an element in all this - I need to be!) recalibrating the whole neurotransmitter dance, and it isn't a smooth process. Nothing is helping much, not food, exercise, baths, spirituality, friends (although there's a lot of distance in that area, too, so I'm NOT getting enough connection, anywhere), not even the message board or chocolate or both a book and a movie by Steve Martin! I have been learning a lot, from various directions (Candace Pert's book, ADD, alcoholism, children of alcoholics, Potatoes not Prozac, Why Women Need Chocolate, etc.) about neurotransmitters, trying to get a grasp of the big picture (Michelle, your chocolate jones probably fits into this somewhere). I'd like to learn more about Catechol-O, maybe try it for a while if I feel ok about the ingredients (I don't know what they are.) I have been using bladderwrack, and feel like it's reshaping me, though not much affecting weight yet; and I will increase my calcium this week and decrease my chocolate, to see if that will help. If I can work it into my week, I will try a hard or extended physical workout of some type, as well. It's weird to have such strong emotion (mostly loneliness) and know how physically based the feeling is (but not have much ability to change the physical parameters). We also have a visit to my naturopathic doctor scheduled, for everyone in the family to get chiropractic care (and maybe homeopathic constitutional, for me and my husband), with perhaps an overnight visit with a close friend (who's moved away - she and the ND both live in another city). Glad youall are here to share with. sc

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