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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 9

Re: Goal Busters

Posted By: Michelle
Date: Saturday, 20 February 1999, at 4:01 a.m.

In Response To: Goal Busters (Loni)

I did ok this week except for giving in to EVERY single CHOCOLATE craving... I discovered Hershey Dark Chocolate Nuggets with almonds.....bad bad bad bad me.
I feel like I did *terribly* this week, although I exercised every day sometimes twice a day. Not real intense workouts, but workouts nonetheless.
The chocolate craving thing is killing me. I am down to NO other carbs (grains) at all...I just eat beef, fish and salads, and steamed or other raw veggies. I am not even eating sweet potatoes. And have not lost any weight. I crave chocolate after every meal, and in between meals! I have gotten some advice on our O mailing list as to taking calcium/magnesium supplement, maybe I am deficient in Magnesium, I will start the supplements on Monday. AND give up chocolate. I *know* what to do, I just feel like I lost my will power. I want to try getting into ketosis...I think I would probably be there if it weren't for the candy. I really really *really* want to lose those last 5 lbs. My clothes don't fit like I want them to. I was skinny as a vegan and now, I am dealing with people telling me all the time "'ve got BACK now!" and "'re getting thick!" and comments of me looking "healthier" all the time, which that one I don't mind. I *know* I look healthier, people comment on my color (which used to be lacking in my face!), hair, skin, etc....but the weight comments are starting to hurt. I have gained between 5-10 lbs. Well, let's see...right now I am 136 I used to be 129. *sigh* I know that this is no national emergency...I am glad that I am healthy! Yes, I am thankful. VERY thankful. But I am one that used to have an eating disorder and weight plays a very important emotional role in my life. I don't know why, cause otherwise on this diet, I am soooooo happy!! I am emotionally UP UP UP all the time!!! This has taken almost 6 mos. on the diet to get like this, but I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything!! I am high on life it feels like! I know that this is way more important than my *weight* !!! But nonetheless, I am still hung up on the silly numbers. The comments from co-workers don't help. Oh well...Thanks for reading my probably incredibly boring post. I rambled....

SO, I think the goal for next week is NO CHOCOLATE!!!! aaaaaaaaaarrrrgh!
Thanks, it felt good to let a little steam go!

Love you guys!!!!! thanks!

Michelle :-) smiles, all

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