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A ? for the the doctor

Posted By: dorothy (A)
Date: Friday, 19 February 1999, at 8:57 a.m.

I am curious if you have any info on acupuncture and blood type. I see that several people question you about homeopathy and so forth. A while back when I had a large fibroid I went to a licensed homeopathic doctor for about a year and then a certified acupuncture and Chinese medicine doctor for several months. I spent thousands over about 2 years because my insurance would not cover the treatments. THe treatments did not help, but that was perhaps because the physiological change (the fibroid) that came out of the original causes may have been too far advanced for those treatments to help. I don't know. After surgery by a wonderful doctor (K. Honea in Birmingham) who removed it with the least possible trauma to my body and without cutting into any of my organs, I began to recover from the all-over health problems that big tumor had caused just by being there (it pressed and blocked my intestines, caused heart pain and breathing problems, and all-over lifeless feeling, etc.) HOwever, I began healing more "exponentially" after starting the ER4YT (15 months after surgery). In fact, the yucky way I used to feel before the fibroid became evident is departing -- I feel 10 years improved, actually.

My question is: do you think that correct diet and good balance in other areas of life are enough, or do you feel other treatments are necessary? It may all depend on the individual person? What about vitamins?

Thank you.

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