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someone has hit a raw nerve!!!!

Posted By: Annie
Date: Sunday, 28 March 1999, at 5:13 p.m.

In Response To: Re: No science - only my experience (Elena B+)

I've been off the board for weeks now and I see some really good points of view and I can see both sides, but as Sc says its everyones right to have points of view. Well said, I loved your post Sc.
I know Stephen personally and we went to Uni together and not that I have to fight his battles for him(as its turning into), but you couldn't find a nicer guy and someone that is more interested in helping you with a wealth of knowledge in his chosen fields(chemistry, bio-chemistry and naturopathy).
What ever ones oppinions are and even in science and esp. in naturopathy there is always a subjective element involved in the facts, cos you chose to take on some facts and run with others a bit better. We all resonate at different levels and that works for us thank goodness, thats how we get such a universal wealth of knowledge.
I agree I think it took stephen guts to reply to all the berating and I understand where your coming from Elaine I happen to agree with you in many aspects. Its not all cut and dry for everyone, Health is not just science/ good or bad its the energies behind that and how one assimilates and intergrates and works through their stuff to elevate to a lighter, more compassionate, loving place.
Its good to see people so interested in this I think its very important for people to be able to voice these opinions but perhaps not in a derogative personal level.
Homocysteine is the underlying cause of plaque buildup inthe artery walls and it hs been shown to promote blood clotting , another factor in precipitating a heart attack. Over the years, the cholesterol manace has spawned massive research, medical technology and the proliferation of low-fat food products, some of thesse studies have been equivical.
Awarness of the role af an amino acid called homocysteine may change all this and it could become the next cholesterol. High blood homocysteine levels are significant risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Supplementation with folic acid and vitamin B6 rapidly normalises homocysteine levles inthe blood.
As with cholesterol it is normal for our bodies to produce homocysteine and it is ususally bocken down quickly. However, elevated levels of homocysteine have been found in between 20 and 40 per cent of victims of coronary heart disese, and have been linked to the increased risk of premature coronary atrtery disease and stroke, even in people with normal cholesterol levels.
Again, the widespread incidence of elevated homocysteine levels has much to do with modern eating habits and food processing. Eating refined, white flour products, white rice, sugar, fats and in my opinion the underlying cause of heart disease. Cholesterol is not.
This information is only dealing on a physical aspect and has not touched on the emotional, spiritual or metaphysical aspects which I find is far more to the key and the crux of the matter than we give credit for.
Sorry for the large post.
My fondest regards to everyone on this particular post, your all obviously very dedicated and commited. FAR OUT!!!!!!!

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