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Vaccinations for children: An "Avoid" for all bloo

Posted By: Stephen (A+)
Date: Sunday, 28 March 1999, at 6:12 a.m.

In Response To: Vaccinations for children (veera (O+))

Where do I start?! Firstly I am personally against vaccinations! More so I am against governments attempts not to educate the public instead to enforce vaccination on every child. As a naturopathic physician and chemist, I view vaccinations from a scientific point of view. About a year ago, my sister was going through the agonizing decision of whether to vaccinate or not. As my job is in medical research, I took it upon myself to scan the medical literature to find supporting and evidence for vaccinations. After extensively searching the medical literature back to 1982, I found no reasons to give any vaccinations to any child for any reason. Some may disagree with this. The problem I had though, was my sister was told she would never be able to register her child in to any government institution, school, etc. unless vaccinated. The other problem I had was that our Australian government has stooped to paying off mothers $100 cash if they vaccinate their child. This disgusts me. I love the argument that we have wiped out disease through vaccinations. Here are a couple of facts that I found:

The only cases of polio recorded in the last 20 years has been caused by the vaccination itself!

In 1994, the most recent figures I had, revealed that the only children that died from measles were the ones that were vaccinated.

A recent Lancet medical journal stated that whooping cough vaccination did not reduce the incidence of whooping cough in the American population.

I noticed a post on autism. In England, they had an outbreak of autism that was directly linked to the MMR vaccination.

This is what the medical literature reveals.

As a naturopath, the only law humans have to obey for optimum health is the laws of nature. Sticking dead virus into a two months old muscle does not sound like we are obeying the laws of nature.

If you decide to vaccinate, make sure the infant has a thorough medical examination and is specifically tested rectally for a temperature. This is a common occurance in children, however potentially dangerous if you vaccinate.
Have you looked into homoeopathic detoxification? It has been used safely and effectively for 200 years now.

The path you have chosen is a brave path to go down. You will have lots of people against you including governments and medical personnel. All the best to you on this chosen path as I believe it is the right one taken.

Kindest Regards,


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