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Re: My type O hyperthyroid brother's in intensive

Posted By: Laura Kline
Date: Thursday, 4 February 1999, at 5:52 a.m.

In Response To: My type O hyperthyroid brother's in intensive care - PLEASE HELP! (Lois)


I hope your brother is doing better by now. I'll share with you my experience hyperthyroid which lasted about two years.

In '91 I went to the doctor complaining of possible hypo (low) thyroid. Intolerance to cold, lethargy and weight gain. My doctor told me not to worry and sent me home with no testing done. I did some reading and found that iodine would regulate the thyroid and started kelp(for the iodine)supplements. I didn't see in any of the books I read that it might cause hyperthyroid. I don't remember how long I had taken the kelp before I went back to the doctor with different symptoms; intolerance to heat, increased pulse, shakiness, and was diagnosed with hyper (high) thyroid. It may be the type of kelp I was taking, it may be I took way too much. But the doctor was happy I had something she could actually treat. (She got downright manipulative and hostile when I refused her treatments!) I was not diagnosed with Graves disease, however, just hyperthyroid. Symptoms were much aggravated when I had anything with the least bit of iodine in it. My resting heartrate was over 120. I chose to treat my condition by eliminating all iodine from my diet. I refused the radioactive thyroid uptake and scan. (I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had let them inject me with radioactive iodine) And only took Tapazole for about a week before my body told me to stop. I also took Fo-Ti, a chinese herb that regulates the endocrine system. I also had healings done in a church I started attending. In two years my thyroid was back to normal. My symptoms disappeared and my (new) doctor couldn't believe I only took the tapazole for a week.

By the way, I am a type O :-) .

I don't know if any of this will help your brother. I think the most important thing I learned from this is to trust our bodies ability and determination to keep us alive and healthy. That's how one of my nursing instructors explained homeostasis. She said, "Your body loves you and it wants to do everything it can to keep you alive and healthy!" Disease is a symptom of unbalance in the body. The key is to find what will help the body find it's balance so it can heal itself. Hopefully the doctors treating your brother can help that come about until he can take a more active role in his healing.


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