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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 8

Wheat grass juice? Chinese medicine? Aryuveda?

Posted By: susan judt (b)
Date: Thursday, 4 February 1999, at 4:18 a.m.

Would be interested in comments as related to er4yt philosophies... Especially chinese pulse diagnosis, etc.

Has anyone looked at aryuveda or origins of "caste" philosophies? For example, the kshatriya (warrior) castes are enjoined to be meat eaters. Are these the O blood types? The brahmans (priestly/philospher) castes are vegetarian. Were these the A blood types? Of course there are certain mantras, practices, etc. that are supposedly ineffective if accompanied with meat eating and it could be simply that to insure success meat eating was generally avoided.

Also, in context of ayurveda, there are imbalances that are not related to "constitutional type" wherein it is advised to eat foods inappropriate to the constitutional type to restore balance. Does this have a counterpart in er4yt ideology?

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