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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 8

Dr. P. D'Adamo please comment on "One Mans Fo

Posted By: SalG
Date: Tuesday, 2 February 1999, at 6:55 p.m.

Dr. (Peter) D'Adamo:

I recently got a hold of "One Man's Food..." from my library by Dr. James D'Adamo, written in 1980. It is very interesting to see the roots of your system.

At first I was quite intrigued by the drastic changes in the "food lists", especially for O's and B's. I won't even get into them as I don't want to cause any confusion. I then realized it was OK. Your additional research has resulted in changes. Happens all the time in all fields of science and medicine.

However your father recites as many anecdotal instances in his book of drastic recoveries as you do. He was as adamant in his approach in 1980 as you are in 1999, and still achieved remarkable results. This leads me to pose a few questions. It is probably unfair to ask one docter to comment on anothers practices, especially with your relationship, but it may lead some insight into individuality and why some people respond to ERFYT and not others. Why some people lose weight and not others, but still have other health benefits.

1) Does your father follow your food lists or does he still follow his own ?

2) In your practice do you follow some of the techniques mentioned in "One Man's food..." but not in ERFYT (ie: iridology, cleansing)

3) I especially like the "Level 1-5" technique. Basically start off slowly at Level 1, building to 100% compliance at Level 5. However at each level, certain foods are stressed or removed, implying some foods are "better" than others, even if they might be in the same category (HB or Neutral).

4) Somewhere in all of this confusion I got the following notion. It is clear that even though a food may be HB on a particular type list, some people may not be able to eat them. Does this imply that a food that is on an avoid list may not be harmful to SOME people?

I must mention as an O+, I have eliminated wheat and have gotten terrific results. However, as my sister has mentioned (who resists ERFYT and still eats the same old lousy way), by eliminating so many foods and excersing more, my body has no choice but lose weight. Any blood type would have. I defend ERFYT, as this is the only thing that has changed 40 years of being overweight. There's no way back, this is for good.

Thanks for your insight.

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