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Re: Colonics - depends on their methods!!

Posted By: Annie
Date: Monday, 1 February 1999, at 10:24 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Colonics - depends on their methods!! (Sonia)

With due respect I'm not talking about having a colonic for a daily ritual just before you have your spelt flakes and milk and tea. this is for people with a chronic constipation problem which can lead to other problems such as diverticulitis etc. Ideally as humans we should evacuate our bowels 3 times a day or after every meal we have. I have people that come to me that think once a week is normal. You'd be amazed what people consider as normal. this in my opinion (ofcourse) sets up all sorts of problems and yes of course i would rather go with fibre and water and stress reduction therapy but if there is low pancreatic enzyme function and low HCL function then there is a whole other ball game to contend with, and your deal with supplements if need be.
Its not like throwing your fingers down your throat in a bullimic way and I think to say that can be very misleading. At least here in Australia I know of very capaable and commited practioners that do colonics and I see the results and the peace and release and relief of the clients who go there and fulfill their goals. They reinoculate the bowel with lacto bacillus bifidus and do what is necessary. Like anything I'm sure there are people that aabuse this practice, but an unhealthy bowel and a stagnant bowel leads to much dis-ease. Have you heard of Bernard Jensen, from his original ideas of cleaning the bowel there are now many great studies and practices.
I agree purging is no good. Neither are laxatives whether there herbal in origin or not - they can make the bowel lazy as eg. cascara sagrada or even senna.
The colonics I had never made my bowel lazy au contraire.
It is a belief that the bowel as the iris and foot and hand has reflex points and throughout the ascending,transcending and descending bowel is related to different organs of the body- there are charts to show this - all I'm saying that when he reached the liver area in the bowel feelings of anger came up and I'm not talking about anul retentive issues!!!!
Have a happy day and isn't it great we can all have the freedom of speech to say our beliefs without judgement. I'm for everyone to make there own desicion and empower themselves. Nothing is for everyone all of the time - thank goodness!!!
Much appreciation for the convo

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