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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 8

Some thoughts on weight and health

Posted By: Karla (O so O-neg)
Date: Sunday, 31 January 1999, at 12:58 p.m.

Hello all,

I've watched for many months as this board has see-sawed between a weight-loss focus and a health focus. I think that's normal, as any mention of "diet," as in "blood-type diet" brings weight loss immediately to mind.

But, the weight-loss focus crowds out those of us who are underweight, ill, or having trouble just FINDING our foods. And, weight loss is not really the important point in Eat Right For Your Type--returning to full function and health IS. Maintaining a purely weight-loss focus is a distraction--from our health, for this board, from Dr. D'Adamo's work, and for each other.

When a body is healthy, it often drops extra fat, because it doesn't need to store so much for emergencies. When a body is free of lectins and cleaned out, it often drops extra fat, because it doesn't need to protect all tissues from the damage a wrong-for-type diet causes. BUT--during a return to health, the body may gain fat, it may gain muscle mass, it may bloat up with water for a while, or it may go into a period of stasis, where it needs to keep all tissues at the same weight and volume while it works on some internal issue.

Maintaining a weight-loss focus negates all the processes of the body that don't lead to a drop on the scale. And that's sad--because numbers on the scale are meaningless until you understand WHAT your weight is composed of. I could be far too thin at 135, while you might have far too much body fat at the same weight. And, no matter what our weight, our health is more important.

I take responsibility for my part in the weight-loss focus of this board, and I apologize for it. I also apologize to my body for putting emphasis on something that is, in all truth, an external focus.

My journey on ER4YT has been instructive in every way. I'm finding that it's not only detoxifying my body, but my mind, my attitudes, and my expectations. So, I'm still at 29% fat, but my skin has cleared up, I've regained my resiliency, I've put a stop to an endless number of frightening symptoms, and I've learned about what foods I need to stay completely functional. My weight is healthy--my tissues are healthy--my fat cells are healthy. I look and feel healthy. And that makes me happy.

Be well on your journey. Love and move and feed your body, no matter what it weighs. You're beautiful as you are.


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