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Treatments for glaucoma.

Posted By: Stephen
Date: Wednesday, 27 January 1999, at 4:57 a.m.

In Response To: Re: How to fix glaucoma. (Bob Lewis)

Give these a berl!!!

Regards, Stephen.

P.S Check you are ER4YT also as this will reduce ARMD.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Also known as: AMD; ARMD; Macular Degeneration; Senile Macular Degeneration


Age-Related Macular Degenerationn is an ailment characterized by the degeneration of the Macula of the Retina of the Eye (caused by the death of the Rods and Cones in the Macula) in elderly people.

ARMD initially causes diminished vision from the central field of vision and then widens to afflict peripheral vision.


It is estimated that 25% of all people above the age of 65 and 33% of all people above the age of 75 are afflicted with at least the beginnings of ARMD.

These Substances Prevent or Alleviate ARMD

Amino Acids

Ethylene-Diamine-Tetra-Acetate (EDTA) - the synthetic Amino Acid used in Chelation Therapy - alleviates ARMD [scientific research - humans].

Taurine helps to prevent and reverse ARMD (Taurine concentrates in the Macula of the Retina, where it exerts Antioxidant effects that counteract ARMD) [scientific research].


Antioxidants help to prevent ARMD (by deactivating Singlet Oxygen Free Radicals) [scientific research - humans].

Carotenoids - Xanthophylls

Lutein and Zeaxanthin help to prevent ARMD [scientific research - humans: dietary intake of these Xanthophylls is significantly related to the incidence of ARMD - persons with the highest consumption of Lutein/Zeaxanthin have a 57% lower risk of ARMD compared with those with the lowest consumption].


Optimal levels of Glutathione Peroxidase helps to prevent ARMD - people afflicted with ARMD generally have low levels of Glutathione Peroxidase [scientific research].

Optimal levels of Glutathione Reductase helps to prevent ARMD - people afflicted with ARMD generally have low levels of Glutathione Reductase [scientific research].


Zinc inhibits the degeneration of the Macular Region that is integral to the progression of ARMD [scientific research - human subjects receiving 100 mg of Zinc per day experienced significantly less loss of vision than controls].


Lipoic Acid helps to prevent ARMD (due to the Antioxidant properties of Lipoic Acid; Lipoic Acid can penetrate Eye tissue and protect both the Lens and the Retina from degeneration) [scientific research].

These Foods/Herbs Alleviate or Prevent ARMD


Red Wine consumption reduces the risk of ARMD by approximately 20% (probably due to the Anthocyanosides content of Red Wine) [epidemiological evidence].


Ginkgo biloba helps to prevent and treat ARMD [scientific research].


Kale helps to prevent ARMD (due to the Lutein and Zeaxanthin content of Kale).

Spinach helps to prevent ARMD (due to the Lutein content of Spinach).

These Substances can Cause ARMD

Electromagnetic Radiation

Excessive exposure of the Eyes to Sunlight increases the risk of developing ARMD (due to Sunlight stimulating the oxidation reaction that leads to the production of Singlet Oxygen Free Radicals within the Retina that are implicated in ARMD).

Free Radicals & Oxidation

Oxidation of the Macular Region is speculated to be a major cause of ARMD - Oxidation causes the conversion of Oxygen within the Retina to Singlet Oxygen Free Radicals that are implicated in ARMD.

Recreational Drugs

Tobacco Smoking increases the risk for ARMD [scientific research - humans who smoke a pack or more of cigarettes per day have a 2.5 times greater risk for ARMD than non-smokers].

ARMD can Cause these Ailments

Nervous System

ARMD is the leading cause of irreversible Blindness among persons over the age of 65.

Contraindications: ARMD Patients Should Avoid these Substances

Pharmaceutical Drugs

ARMD patients should not use Viagra (due to the known ability of Viagra to cause temporary retinal dysfunction).

Myths Dispelled


Contrary to popular opinion, consumption of Alpha-Carotene, Beta-Carotene, Cryptoxanthin or Lycopene does not prevent ARMD [scientific research - humans: although Lutein and Zeaxanthin DO prevent ARMD, other Carotenoids have no effect on the development of ARMD].

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