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Re: Where do statements like this come from?

Posted By: Sonia
Date: Wednesday, 27 January 1999, at 3:25 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Where do statements like this come from? (Despagnet)

"This stuff I'm taking about is not feces or undigested food. I know the difference. Some of this stuff is like tar, has the shape of intestines. Some is softer and is like glue."

The tar stuff is feces before they have a chance to take the form you're used to, the glue stuff is mucus. This is the natural coating of your intestine.

"I think it lines the body, gets into the organs, is in the veins, obstructs proper functioning. It's what causes heart attacks and develops into catarats and such."

This is *exactly* what I started this thread about -- such claims are fiction. Your fecal matter and other colon substances do not get into your organs, they don't cause heart attacks and they don't cause cataracts. This was a mideval medical belief that has since been proven wrong.

If colonics cured cataracts and heart disease, the FDA and large multi-national pharmacuetical companies would be on this in a flash. It would become illegal to administer a colonic without an MD or RN, the equipment would be sold only to doctors for thousands of dollars, and they'd add some kind of patented useless substance to the water so they could sell it for tons of money.

"Just my opinion. Anyway, it sure was fun to get this stuff out of my body."

Well, if it was fun, then that's all the reason you need! ;) I firmly believe in the axiom: An' it harm none, do what thou whilt.


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