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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 8

I say, if you got parasites, keep 'em clean!

Posted By: Karla
Date: Thursday, 21 January 1999, at 3:49 p.m.

In Response To: Parasites: Real or imagined? (Steve Shapiro)

We wouldn't want any slovenly, recalcitrant parasites. I outfit each of mine with little brooms and dustpans. None of this rent-free living in my digestive tract!

But seriously. Think (no, FEEL!) very carefully before you trammel into one of these cleansing regimes. I did one in the early days of my O diet, to "help things along." What a mistake. I really threw myself into a spin--not a cleansing detox spin, but a spin.

Peter, Gail Orner, Steve Shapiro, and many others came on and said that these violent purges are really unnecessary. Peter specifically said that avoiding the avoids will re-animate the liver and kidneys (so they can get back to the real work of the body, instead of just ducking from and screaming at all the lectins and antigens in a wrong-for-your-type diet).

When the liver and kidneys are cleansed in a slow, dietary way, (as opposed to these violent or herbal-chemical-induced purges) they detox in graceful, slow, and instructive ways. You learn how and why your body reacts to things. You learn how you process. You don't get this same information if you just go through a week or month of expelling things from every orifice!

Now, I use licorice, dandelion, or eyebright tea--one cup a day, if I'm having any clogged symptoms. Nothing giant, nothing expensive, nothing sudden. Just gently coaxing and supporting my body in its work--as opposed to dosing it up and making it purge all over the place.

I've been interested to see that much of natural medicine has this strange distrust of the human body's healing capacity. Though the drugs are herbal, they're still drugs, and many people on this board are on any number of remedies, supports, supplements, chemicals, purgers, and etc.

Eating right for your type may seem a slower way to wake your body to the presence of parasites (if there are any). But, it's a much better way in the long run. Let your body figure stuff out on its own by removing the avoids and the poisoning symptoms they cause. Don't make the purging mistake I did.

Purges are really only necessary for people who are eating in a way that poisons them. If you eat right for your type, and trust your body's inherent wisdom, the parasites will get bored and leave. It's true!

Karla (once the home to ten million little pets)

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