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The Food and Beverage Guides conflict with Live Right 4 Your Type. Why?

The Food and Beverage Guides conflict with Live Right 4 Your Type. Why?
The new 'Mini Books' were designed as as a quick, mass-market, consumer-friendly version of the ABO diets. As such they are a standardized diet (for example they do not contain the secretor/ non-secretor distinctions that are a feature of Live Right 4 Your Type. They do however contain a few revisions since the first publication of Eat Right 4 Your Type. Thus if you feel that a simplifed version of the diet is all that you need, they will fit the bill nicely. If you test as a non-secretor, or if your want to do the diet 'full-out' you will need to use the lists from 'Live Right 4 Your Type' instead.

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