Clarifications and Errata

What food values have been corrected since publication?

  • On the second page of acknowledgements, the company's name should read "The Republic of Tea."

  • Page 106 contains references to "ODC."  This is "ornithine decarboxylase," an enzyme involved in the production of polyamines. 

  • On p. 209, type A vegetables: it says 1 cup, cooked or " dry;" it should say "raw."

  • On p. 265 of the type B diet, the lines "Onions are also a powerful friend to Type B. They contain significant amounts of the antioxidant quercetin, a powerful antimutagen," and "Artichoke is quite beneficial to the liver and gallbladder, weak spots for Type B."  were mistakenly transcribed from the type A diet.  Onions are generally Neutral for type B secretors, and Beneficial for type B nonsecretors.  Artichokes are a B-secretor Avoid and a B nonsecretor Neutral.

  • Broad Bean and Fava Bean have also been consolidated, as they are identical in common parlance.  The new listing is Fava (Broad) Bean, and its values are Beneficial for A secretors; Avoid for AB secretors and O nonsecretors; and Neutral for all others.

  • Green/Snap/String Bean is a consolidation of the separate items appearing in LR4YT, and has the values Tier I Beneficial for all As, Neutral for all other types.  The separate values listed in LR should be disregarded in favor of this combined value.

  • Under FRUITS, and under VEGETABLES, the serving frequency should read "per day" rather than "per week" for all types.

  • For type AB, on page 317, Blackberry/blackberry juice is listed as Beneficial  for AB secretors and Neutral for AB nonsecretors. This is backwards; it is NEUTRAL  for AB secretors, BENEFICIAL for AB nonsecretors.

  • Ezekiel Bread is upgraded to Tier I Beneficial for A and B secretors and AB nonsecretors.  

  • Oat/Oat Bran/Oatmeal is listed as Neutral for type A secretors; its status is Tier I Beneficial.  

  • Wheat (Whole Wheat Products) is listed in error as a Tier II Neutral for type A secretors -- its value is Avoid.  

  • Wheat Bread (Sprouted Commercial, Except Essene and Ezekiel) is changed from Beneficial to Neutral for type A secretors and type ABs; and from Neutral to Avoid for type B nonsecretors.  

  • On p. 271 it says "Walnut oil and black currant seed oil are highly beneficial for type B secretors."  This should read "type B nonsecretors."

  • The values for Mustard (Prepared) have been refined for all types based upon four possible preparations:  with wheat and vinegar; with wheat, vinegar-free; wheat-free with vinegar; wheat- and vinegar-free.    

  • In the type B diet, Salad Dressing should read "Salad Dressing/OK Ingredients" and the item Tamari should read "Tamari (Wheat-free)."

  • Worcestershire Sauce is changed to Avoid for type O secretors.

  • The value of Mustard, Dry in the type A Herb/Spice list has been upgraded to Beneficial for secretors and nonsecretors.  

  • Yeast (Brewers) should read "Yeast (Brewers/Nutritional)."  Its value is changed from Neutral to Beneficial for type AB nonsecretors.

  • The type A listing for Tea (Black Regular) should read Tea (Black Regular/Decaf). 

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